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Van Heusen Promotional Shirts

Purchase business shirts, custom branded with your graphics and logos. We supply the full range of shirts by Van Heusen. All our shirts are authentic original Van Heusen products, and we update our range frequently, so you get access to the latest styles and looks.

International Quality at Cheap Prices

Van Heusen is the leader in business shirts. Their garments all feature premium fabrics, quality stitching, cutting and finishing. You and your team will look smart when wearing Van Heusen shirts around the office and for general work and leisure time.

Custom Embroidered Shirts

We supply shirts by Van Heusen, custom branded with your logo using embroidery. The use of embroidery is the preferred method of branding since it utilizes coloured thread and results in a premium look.

Recommended Embroidery Positions

The most common position to embroider your logo on a Van Heusen shirt would be:

  • Left Hand Side Chest
  • Right Hand Side Chest
  • Either or both neck collars

Ask us for advice on how best to emblazon Van Heusen shirts with your logo or graphic, by calling us.

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Set Descending Direction
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Incorporate Van Heusen Shirts as Uniforms

Consider incorporating Van Heusen shirts as part of your uniform mix. So think about, bottoms, blazers, knitwear, belts and even shoes when selecting colours for your corporate uniform look.

Fit & Measure

We offer a free fit and measure service for customers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland. A consultant is available for free to come to your organization for a proper fit and measure to ensure your staff or guests receive the proper shirt sizing.

Australian Delivery Information for Van Heusen

All our business shirts are delivered Australia wide only. Garments are stocked locally in Australia and personalised with your graphics in Australia as well. General turnaround time is about 1.5 weeks.

Caring for your Business Shirt

Here are some top tips for caring for your promotional business shirts:

- Read the label for cleaning and caring. All our Van Heusen Business shirts come with tags for how to best care for them.
- When washing, choose cold water where possible. Cold water ensures the shirt does not get stretched or damaged in the wash. It also helps shirts retain their colour as well. (even white shirts can fade)
- Dry cleaning is known to damage colours on shirts, including white. When at the cleaners, ask for the shirts to be cold laundered.

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