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Promotional Gift Sets

Promotional Gift Showbag Sets

Purchase themed gift sets custom branded with your logos or graphics in Australia. Our carefully matched gift sets carry all our most popular products into a single convenient gifting package. We offer fast delivery direct to your door or your event around Australia.

Personalised Bundle Gift Sets

All the products featured in our range of gift sets include custom branding of your graphics and logos onto all the items. We use a combination of pad printing, screen printing and digital full-colour printing to create the best-looking set of custom branded products for you.

Swap Items for your Show Bag

Our gift sets are carefully matched to include products that complement each other by theme as well as style. For a tailored set, we are happy for you to substitute or remove products from each set to create a tailored gift option to your liking.

The Idea for Present Sets

The idea behind a set of presents for your event, guests or occasion is to simply include all the best products in a handy bag that everyone will love. The bags are compiled and sold in such a way to offer you convenience for when planning your event.

Payless for your Merchandise

When purchasing a gift bundle, our sets provide you with a lower price, than if you were to buy the products separately.

What is a Promotional Gift Set?

A promotional gift set is a set of pre-selected products compiled into a bag or a box. The compilation of products is used to distribute to guests or customers at an event. Promotional gift sets are used at:

  • Conferences
  • Orientation days
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Marketing events
  • Exhibitions
  • Freebie client gifting events
  • Entry show bag gifts

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