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Promotional Metal Keyrings

Keyrings serve more than just a functional purpose; they make a statement. Cubic Promote understands this and delivers custom keyrings that resonate with your brand ethos. Whether it's custom metal keyrings, branded keyrings or engraved keyrings, we are Australia's prime destination for all your promotional keyring needs.

Custom Keychains Australia

Our extensive selection of custom metal keyrings is designed to cater to a range of preferences. From intricately designed custom keychains Australia to straightforward, sleek branded keyrings, our inventory has something for everyone. Several of our metal keyrings also come with dual functionalities, doubling up as bottle openers or carabiner clips. By presenting these promotional metal key rings to employees or clients, you don't just offer a practical gift; you provide a lasting memory and ensure constant brand visibility.

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Cutting-Edge Customisation Techniques 

Harnessing the power of advanced printing technology, we can pad print or laser engrave your distinctive logo or design onto the custom metal keyrings. For logos that play with a vibrant palette of more than three shades, we recommend our digitally printed epoxy dome, a method that layers a protective bubble over your full-colour print, making your branded keyrings stand out.

Digital Metal Keyring Previews 

Visualising your brand on our promotional metal key rings is made effortless. Simply provide your logo, and our graphic design experts will create a virtual mockup of the desired branded metal keyring. This digital simulation lets you gauge the end product, ensuring it matches your vision.

Physical Keyring Samples 

To truly gauge the tactile features – the weight, texture, and sturdiness of our promotional metal key rings, we offer physical samples. Delivered to your location, these unbranded samples empower you to make an informed decision, ensuring the keyring seamlessly mirrors your brand's standards.

All-Inclusive Pre-Production Samples 

For those wanting a comprehensive view before a bulk purchase, our pre-production samples of custom metal keyrings are ideal. At a nominal fee, you receive a metal keyring adorned with your brand's imagery. This exhaustive package includes production, decoration, delivery, and ensures the metal keyring is a genuine reflection of your brand's essence.

Swift Delivery for Custom Keychains Australia

Our commitment to providing custom keychains Australia is evident in our efficient delivery system. Since we store our stock within the country, once you decide on your design, we swiftly proceed with customisation, ensuring you get your branded keyrings in no more than two weeks. And for those in a hurry, we even offer a 3-day production turnaround upon request.

What are Metal Keyrings?

At its core, promotional metal key rings are a functional accessory allowing users to keep multiple keys in one place. The additional fob, usually made of metal, provides weight, making the keyring easier to locate in pockets or bags. Such branded keyrings are frequently used for promotional activities by businesses like banks, car auction houses, and real estate firms. And for a comprehensive solution, custom printed lanyards from Cubic Promote can be paired with these promotional metal key rings for holding both IDs and keys.

Promotional Metal Keyrings for Corporate Gifting

When it comes to corporate gifting, promotional metal key rings set a high bar. Their durability combined with their visual appeal makes them ideal for businesses like car showrooms and property agencies. Presented in a gift box, these custom metal keyrings transcend from a mere promotional item to a cherished memento.

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Branded Keyrings 

While metal key rings are inherently strong, specific branding methods, like laser engraving or epoxy domes, ensure the logo remains pristine on custom keyrings. Pad printed logos, though visually appealing, can be susceptible to wear and tear. Hence, for lasting impressions, engraving or epoxy domes are our top recommendations.

FAQs on Custom Keychains Australia

Can I get metal keyrings with custom printing? 

Absolutely, we offer pad print, epoxy dome, and laser engraving techniques.

What's the minimum order for metal keyrings? 

We have a minimum requirement of 100 units per order.

Why opt for laser engraving on metal keyrings? 

Engraved keyrings offer unparalleled durability, ensuring your logo remains intact for the keyring's lifespan.

Do you provide express delivery for gift boxed metal keyrings? 

Yes, select options can be decorated and shipped within 24 hours. Consult our team for specifics.

Why Choose Cubic Promote for Your Branded Metal Keyrings?

Metal keyrings are more than just a utility, as they have evolved as fashion statements and brand enhancers for individuals globally. Cubic Promote aspires to be the top destination for custom keychains Australia. Our offerings range from minimalist custom keyrings tailored for the straightforward user to intricate engraved keyrings apt for those who appreciate luxe details. Every time your keyring dangles from a set of keys, your brand grabs attention, increasing its prominence.

Our bespoke design approach ensures that the essence of your brand is impeccably reflected on all custom keyrings. You pick the metal keyring style, and our adept design team breathes life into it, ensuring a unique finish that aligns with your brand's character. These branded metal keyrings and engraved keyrings not only enhance brand visibility but also emerge as sought-after corporate gifts, symbolising both practicality and sophistication.

Showcasing Engraved Keyrings vs. Printed Keyrings 

Laser engraving creates a subtle, scratch-off effect, while pad printing uses coloured ink for stark contrast. Below are visual examples for comparison:

pad printed keyrings engraved keyrings

Other Unique Branding Methods for Custom Keyrings

Epoxy Dome: Engulf your full-colour sticker within a clear protective rubber dome.

Blind Embossing: Stamp your branding onto the custom metal keyrings. A timeless, although pricier, method that offers a luxurious finish.

Custom Die-Cut Shape: Design the custom keyrings in a shape unique to your brand.

Images below displayed in order from left to right.

  metal dome keyrings embossed keyring custom metal keyring

Metal Key Ring 1

Wave Metal Keyring

Rectangular Metal Key Ring

Whistle Keyring

Car Shaped Metal Keyring


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