Stylus Pens & Phone Chairs

Promotional Stylus, Phone Chairs & Device Accessories

Looking for inexpensive yet appealing promotional technology products? Then see this range of Stylus Pens and Phone Chairs. We expertly brand your logos and graphics onto the pens and chairs so that you can get unbeatable marketing value with a truly desirable product. Smartphones and tablets are so very modern and appealing that an accessory that enhances Smart Devices will make them instantly attractive.

Buy Branded with Guaranteed Quality

We use the latest pad print and engraving machines meaning your logo will be branded onto technology accessories professionally and seamlessly onto things like Stylus pens, phone chairs and more. We check all our work before they leave our warehouse to ensure all items work like a charm and that the branding is all to a high-quality, crisp standard. If the items arrive and are not well branded to your liking, we will reprint them for you for free.

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Soft or Hard Personalised Touch Screen Pens

Stylus pens are available in two different configurations. Either a stylus with a hard plastic tip or a soft touch option (sometimes referred to as a capacitive stylus). Most handheld Smartphones and tablets utilise a soft touch stylus.

Capacitive Soft Touch Stylus

Devices, such as Iphones, Ipads, Samsung Galaxy phones, LG phones and most modern devices use a soft-touch capacitive stylus. Simply a light tap using a stylus is sufficient to activate functions.

Hard Touch Stylus

A hard stylus pen is gaining popularity with device makers such as Samsung where the interface requires a substantial point of pressure to activate functions. Other uses for hard stylus pens include POS terminals, courier electronic scanners, taxi cab interfaces and other electronics where a small solid point of pressure is required to use a device. If in doubt ask us for a sample.

Mixed Colour Bulk Lots - For both stylus pens and phone chairs you can mix and match colours to your order at no extra cost.

A Stylus Makes a Smart Device Easier to Use

A stylus pen is not just a novelty product. A stylus can provide a user with absolute accuracy that cannot be emulated with fingers alone. For longer finger nails, it is virtually impossible to use a touch screen device with comfort and ease without a stylus. Many of our stylus options come with a ball point ink pen.

Promotional Phone Chairs Sizes

We stock a variety of chairs that can accommodate all sorts of phones from traditional pocket mobile phones, clamshell phones as well as Smart Phones and even options that can hold tablets. Make sure you confirm your required size before you place your order. Some of the smaller chairs will not be able to accommodate large sized Smartphones, Tablets or Phablets.

Phone Cradles is the Perfect Desk Top Product

We at Cubic Promote think that phone cradles are the perfect desktop product for marketing and branding purposes. A cradle chair goes onto a desktop each and every time. They are cute, save desk space for a user and exposes your brand not just to the lucky recipient but anyone near that table too. Other than perhaps a mouse pad we cannot think of any device that is made to sit on top of your desk.


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