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Promotional USB Flash Drives

Buy custom USB drives and branded usb flash drives with your printed logo, perfect for promotional giveaways, promotional items at trade shows, and the perfect personal touch to give to clients after presentations. We carry a range of flash drives suitable for office workers, students and all your business custom usb needs. Despite the advances in cloud technology, flash drives continue to remain popularfor file locking and data preload accessibility, with their easy accesibility perfect for moving between presentations and brand awareness for clients. A branded USB flash drive will make a memorable and practical corporate gift with plenty of customization options for the final product, including the number of files the flash drives hold, color matching, how much data the storage capacity can hold and the way your logo is printed! Choose the style that you'd like for your promotional USBs from Australia's most extensive range, making custom usb drives the perfect idea to develop business awareness whilst remaining practical and cost effective (save when buying in bulk).

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Fast Delivery in Australia

The standard shipping time for custom branded USBs is 2 weeks. However, if you need promotional USBs sooner for an upcoming event, please call our friendly team, and we can provide you with our 24-hour production turnaround time option and potentially next day delivery. This is perfect to meet the deadlines of upcoming trade shows or company presentations, so get in touch with our design team to discuss past samples used and adjust design elements before you create your bulk usb flash drives.

Pad Printed Flash drives

The branded USBs we supply come delivered to you, complete with pad printing. Pad printing is a popular way to decorate a flash drive, as it provides a professional finish at a low cost, allowing for various formats of your logo or design allowing for customization of your business logo design!         

Digitally Printed Full-Colour Flash drives

Increasing in popularity, we also allow our clients to select the option of digitally printing your logo or graphic onto bulk orders custom USBs with a full-colour print to give a pop of colour to you personalized usb when in the usb port of your computer, laptop and wide range of memory reading hardware (such as video projectors, PC's and more).

Laser Engraved Flash Drives

Available only with metal and bamboo case options for designs of your custom usb drives. Laser engraving involves using a laser, which will etch your branding onto the surface of the branded/custom flash drive and flash drive accessories.

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What is a Promotional USB Drive?

A USB drive is a small handheld device that can easily fit your pocket to load and transfer various files and data transfers (such as company catalogs, save company files and allow you to create files on the go). This device contains a memory chip that allows digital computer files to be stored. The device is accessed through a computer. Our flash drives are compatible with computers that run on Microsoft Windows or Apple computers. The types of files that can be stored include anything from photos, documents, word files and any digital file.

How to use a USB Flashdrive

One side of the flash drive USB stick is a USB nib. The nib is easily identified as it visually looks like a silver metallic hollow nib. A USB flash drive is used by inserting the USB end into a compatible port on a computer. The USB flash drive device will be recognised by the computer, allowing the USB flash drive to be accessed via the operating system interface.

Our huge range of promotional post it notes will complement your promotional USBs.

FAQ on USB Flash Drives

Do you supply USB drives with logo printing?

Yes, we sell USB drives with your logo custom branded onto one or both sides of the surface.

What is the smallest number of USBs I can order?

The minimum quantity of custom USBs we can supply is 25 pieces which work perfectly for company or organisational giveaways and supplies.

Can you make USBs in a completely custom style?

Yes, we offer a service where we can create a branded USB or promotional USB in any custom shape you desire. There are, of course, limitations based on ergonomics, but a friendly sales consultant will be happy to guide.

What is the best GB storage size to get for USB memory keys?

From experience, 2 gigabytes and 4 gigabytes have traditionally been very popular sizes for flash drives. However, you can choose from any custom capacity that you desire starting from: 512Mb / 1Gb / 2Gb / 4Gb / 8Gb / 16Gb / 62gb / 128gb / and more!

The best value branded flash drives are at the 4Gb or 8Gb capacity.

Enhance Your USBs With Essential Accessories

  • Magnetic Gift box
  • Plastic Gift Box

  • Silver tin USB gift box

  • Velvet Pouch

  • Lanyard

  • Mini Lanyard

  • Round Key Ring

  • USB Cable

Grade-A Memory Chips

All our custom USB drives are fitted with Grade-A memory chips to ensure data retention. This means that the computer memory chip inside the unit is brand new from our suppliers. They will not come with a virus, malware and they definitely will not arrive faulty. Recycled memory chips and Grade-B chips can affect performance and there is also a chance that they have malware too.

Lifetime Data Retention Warranty

All our flash memory drives come with a lifetime data retention warranty for peace of mind. If your product is used in a reasonable and expected manner and a fault was to occur in relation to retrieving saved files, then we will replace or refund the unit in question for you.

Data Pre-Loading on Custom Memory Keys

A very popular way to promote your event or brand name is to have your branded USB sticks pre-loaded with your content. Anything from PDF files, videos, images, maps and documents outlining your product and service are a great alternative to catalogues. Some even use them as a substitute for annual reports and large pamphlets. We offer free data uploading up to 50 megabytes. If you have a larger file a small fee may apply.

Image for screen printing on swivel USB

swivel USB with screen printed logo


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