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Buy Promotional USB Memory Sticks and Mp3 Players

Buy USB drives and Music Mp3 players from Cubic Promote and save money. We will expertly brand your logo onto a quality, robust USB flash memory or Mp3 player, and we will deliver it to your door. With a huge range to choose from and Australia's sharpest prices, you know that a USB product from Cubic Promote will always be a top quality product that is guaranteed to last for many years. We are Australia's leading supplier to many universities, government departments and many private businesses in Australia.

Cubic Promote is the leader in Promotional Flash Drives & Digital Mp3 Players

We brand each promotional flash drive or music player using pad printing, digital printing, or laser engraving. Let our friendly sales team know which method you would prefer, or we can recommend one for you!

All USB flash drive pricing is subject to daily fluctuation due to variances in chip demand. We cannot guarantee pricing until we provide you with an up-to-the-minute personalised quote. This is why prices are not currently listed below.



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Fuss free basic printed memory drives.

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For when you simply need a branded flash drive that is a bit more unique.

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Audio and music files can be pre-loaded on our range of custom branded Mp3 players.

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  • What are Promotional USB Flash Drives?

    Promotional USB flash drives are portable electronic devices that can store and transfer data. These flash drives connect to computers and other electronic devices using a USB-A plug, making them easy to utilise and access on the move. Promotional USB devices come branded with your logo design making them ideal for providing them to your staff, clients, or handing out as part of a marketing campaign. USB drives can store data amounts such as 2gb | 4gb | 8gb | 16gb| 32gb | 64gb | and higher - ask our team for more information.

  • Fast Delivery For All Australian Orders

    Expect your purchase of a custom branded flash drive to be delivered to you within two weeks, no matter where you are in Australia. For an extremely fast 1 to 3 day delivery for your personalised USB memory key, please advise us when you place your purchase order. MP3 Players take a bit longer to produce, but we will always do our best to provide these promotional units to meet your timeframe.

USB Flash Memory and MP3 Player Custom Colour Options

Many of our styles of USB memory and Mp3 players come in your basic primary colours: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black or White. If you desire, we can have a flash drive custom painted in your Pantone colour of choice (such as your corporate shade of blue, or favourite shade of pink). Simply let us know the colour you require and we can either have plastic flash memory drives matched closely to your Pantone colour, or recommend a suitable Anodised colour for metal surfaced flash memory drives.

  • USB Flash Drive or Mp3 Memory Capacity

    All our flash drives come in your choice of 512MB | 1GB | 2GB | 4GB | 8GB | 16GB | 32GB | 64GB | 128GB and more. The cheapest option is the 512MB capacity option, while the most economical option we recommend is 4GB if you're working with a budget. Ask our friendly sales team for more information on memory size options for your promotional electronic products.

  • Product Warranties on Electronic Promotional Goods

    All our flash drives come with a lifetime data retention warranty whether you have them custom branded or supplied without customisation. The same applies to our MP3 players. If the product is defective on arrival, we will replace or refund the faulty product. All warranties apply to products used under reasonable conditions only.

  • Buy USBs and MP3 Players in Bulk to Save Money

    Larger purchase quantities meant that we would discount the total price for you. If you combine your purchase order with other products such as promotional mouse mats we can give discount your order further. Please ask for a quote with one of our friendly sales team members.

  • Grade-A USB 2.0 Flash Drives at Low Prices

    We only use the very best Grade A memory chips in all our products. You see not all flash drives are the same. Some have lower memory capacity despite what the vendor has claimed while others may even have old files and even viruses. Why? Well, it's easy to merely recycle old memory chips and resell them as new without you ever knowing. Since we supply to the Australian government as well as businesses across Australia, it is simply not in our interest to cut corners. Therefore you get the very best Grade A flash drives from us at low prices. Our chips are USB 2.0 per standard, but we can accommodate USB 3.0 orders easily upon request.

  • Ideas on Where to Use USB Flash Memory Keys

    Flash drives are a very versatile promotional product. Our lives are more digital than ever which makes these products appeal to students and office workers. Here are some ways to use flash drives which you may not have considered:

    - Substitute catalogues with USB flash drives. It is better for the environment and allows more interaction and richer content. As well as faster page access.

    - USB flash drives can replace user manuals. Videos and images will make learning a breeze.

    - As part of a welcoming package. Personalise your flash drive with essential information for your new staff members or newly enrolled students and help them settle in.

    - No more long download speeds or big bulky boxes. Use printed flash drives to distribute software.

    - Replace Audio Compact Discs

    - Use them to replace Annual reports or large Prospectus books.

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