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Protein Shakers Custom Printed with your Logo

Buy protein shakers custom printed with your logo. We supply an extensive range of different protein shakers to companies all around Australia. The most convenient way for gym enthusiasts and athletes to consume protein powder and other supplements is through Shaker bottles. Your recipients will enjoy using any of our shaker bottles, whether they lift weights at Fitness First casually for fitness or if they are serious bodybuilders.

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We Pad Print and Digitally Full Colour Print


Cubic Promote is Australia's favourite promotional item agency because we are the experts in pad printing or full-colour digital printing. These two branding methods are the most popular way to personalize protein shaker bottles.


Pad Printed Shaker Bottles: Using pad printing, we can quickly and precisely brand your corporate logo or image onto the bottle's surface. 


Digitally Printed Shaker Bottles: Alternatively, we can decorate your branding using a gorgeous full-colour print effect. 


Fast Shipping in Australia


The standard turnaround time for custom printed shaker bottles is:

  • 2 Weeks for Regular Bulk purchase orders


  • 3 working days for Fast express Bulk purchase orders.


What is a Supplement Shaker?


A supplement shaker is a bottle with features designed for fitness enthusiasts to consume supplements such as Protein Powder with liquids. The features on these bottles make mixing and consuming supplements easier. Some examples of features on a shaker bottle include:


1) Large drink nozzle


2) Large wide brim openings so one can scoop powder into the bottle with less chance of spilling


3) Reinforced lids to prevent liquids from spilling when shaking the bottle for mixing.


4) Certain styles of bottles feature a mixing object (usually a metallic ball) within the bottle to help break down powders.


How to Keep Your Blender Bottles Clean


To keep bottles clean, wash immediately after use. To cleanse, rinse with warm water and be allowed to dry. On occasion, gunk and stains may build up; if this was to occur, use detergent and a sponge to give the inside of the bottle a good scrub.


Why they make Great Gifts


Protein shakes make for great gifts in Australia due to the enormous boom in people interested in fitness over the past couple of years. Consuming supplements is no longer just for bodybuilders but is popular amongst people who wish to get fit. 


If you manage an organization that is:


1) Directly involved within the fitness industry (gyms, trainers, wellness companies etc.) 


2) Wishing to promote a healthy lifestyle for clients


3) Wishing to promote a healthy lifestyle for staff


Then consider shaker bottles from our vast range.


For another sports-related gift item, check these custom printed sports shorts and track pants made of high-quality materials.


FAQ on Protein Shakers 


Do you supply supplement shakers with custom printing?


Yes, we sell supplement shakers custom branded with your logo. We supply both the bottle and the branding together.


Do you supply in bulk quantities?


Yes, we supply in Bulk quantities. The smallest number begins from 100 pieces.


Are all your custom shakers BPA free?


Yes, they are free from BPA.


Can you provide supplement shakers in my unique corporate colours?


Yes, contact a friendly team member.


What is the metal ball inside my shaker?


The metal ball inside the shaker is used to aid the mixing process to ensure a faster and more consistent liquid result.


What Types of Supplements Require Shaker Bottles?


The types of supplements that commonly require a shaker bottle include:

  • Magnesium Powder
  • Protein Powder
  • Pre Workout Powder
Fast Shipping Australia Wide
Fast Shipping Australia Wide
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100% Warranty On All Our Work
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99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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15 Million+ items Shipped
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