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Promotional Ribbons

Buy ribbon custom printed with your graphic or logo. Ribbons are the ultimate gift boosting accessory for Australians distributing rewards or raising money for charities. We stock a wide array of ribbon which is vibrant, sturdy, and long-lasting. Our custom branded ribbon is ideal for those wanting to add the final touch to wrapped presents, or for those wanting to raise money for causes like Legacy or Breast Cancer Network Australia. No matter what your reason, if you're after customised ribbon you can't beat Cubic Promote for range and price.

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We Screen Print Ribbon

Custom ribbons from Cubic Promote come with your logo screen printed directly onto the ribbon's surface in up to 3 standard colours. We use the latest technology for our screen printing, so you can be confident in the professional finish your rolls of custom ribbon will feature. If you require many colours in your ribbon logo, let us know, and we'll employ a digital or woven method to ensure the best look for your bulk ribbons

Enhance Your Corporate Gifts

Promotional Ribbons are perfect for enhancing your corporate gifts. Showing your appreciation and take into the next level by adding on your signature custom printed ribbon will give them a touch of perfection and happiness. Also, making your employees and valued clients feel special will surely boost the holiday mood.

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What is a Ribbon?

A ribbon is a strip of material (such as polyester or cotton) used to decorate gifts. Ribbons are also used as a means of raising awareness by pinning them to shirts or jackets. Custom ribbons are some of the cheapest promotional items around because they're lightweight and easy to produce, but don't undersestimate them; they can enhance your campaigns considerable. So whether you're looking to raise money for the local community, hoping to make your corporate gifts look to part, or enhancing your company packaging, you'll love the ribbons from Cubic Promote.

Ribbons for a Good Cause

Ribbons for a good cause are also known as awareness ribbons. These ribbons support or raise consciousness for a specific advocacy campaign. Awareness ribbons come pre-looped and with pins so they're ready to distribute and wear. While bulk gifting ribbon comes in spools, awareness ribbons are available individually pre-packaged and in various colours and patterns.

FAQ on Ribbons

Do you supply ribbons with custom printing?

Yes, our ribbon comes with 1 colour logo printing on the side as standard.

Do you supply ribbons with no custom decoration?

Yes, let us know that you'd like blank (unprinted) ribbon, and we can supply them in bulk for you.

What is the difference between ribbons for wrapping gifts and charity ribbons?

A ribbon for wrapping is a spool that you cut to length for wrapping gifts, while charity ribbons are small and neatly arranged looped ribbons that come ready to wear in various charity colours.

Can you make ribbons in custom lengths and widths?

Yes, upon request we can make ribbons in custom lengths and widths. Please give our sales team a call for more information on this option.

Image for screen printing on satin ribbon.
Satin Ribbon

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