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Promotional Rugby Uniforms

Buy promotional rugby uniforms with your team logo and sponsor graphics from Cubic Promote. We stock jerseys and shorts perfect for rugby union and rugby league teams, with vibrant colours and moisture-wicking materials. So whether you play in a juniors team, a regional team, a state team, or in one of our national clubs, we've got you covered - literally! Custom printed rugby uniforms from Cubic Promote are a fantastic investment for any Australian club keen to wear their uniforms proudly without compromising on quality. Our website prices are listed in AUD and exclude GST.



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We Customise Rugby Uniforms

The decoration team at Cubic Promote will provide you with full-colour sublimated rugby uniforms featuring your club colours and sponsor designs. Sublimation is a fantastic way to get top-to-toe designs on shirts and shorts with no gaps in coverage that look as good as what NRL players wear on the field.

For traditional rugby jerseys, we can offer standard screen and digital print directly onto the shirt's surface for club logos or player numbers. Still, embroidery is probably the top choice for these shirts or embroidered patches of club logos applied to the chest. Regardless of your chosen decoration method, your rugby uniforms from Cubic Promote will look outstanding.

What are Rugby Uniforms?

Rugby uniforms are sets of clothing worn by rugby league players (NRL) or rugby union players on the field. Rugby uniforms usually include a shirt or jersey, shorts, socks, headgear and shoes. It is essential for rugby teams, whether small community clubs or big state and national organisations, to have their own unique uniforms to differentiate them from their competition.

Like other popular football codes in Australia, rugby league and rugby union teams feature club colours prominently on their uniforms and representing your club as a fan often involves wearing these colours just like the players.

Cubic Promote stocks jerseys, shorts, and socks, all made with the great game of rugby in mind. You can confidently buy custom printed uniform pieces of your club or fans through our website and even include sponsor logos or clothes ads as required. Trust the local Aussie experts at Cubic Promote to produce fit-for-purpose uniforms for your rugby team today.

Perfect for Kids' Community Rugby Clubs

We provide rugby kits for players of all ages and skill levels, including those in community clubs and junior rugby teams. It doesn't matter what level you're playing at, wearing the right uniform is important to represent your team and Cubic Promote's quality rugby league and rugby union kits are made with people of all ages in mind.

Kids and community clubs will usually use colours that reflect existing NRL or union teams, but with unique logos and names/advertisers from the local community. We produce durable, high-quality rugby jerseys, shorts, and socks with your entirely custom designs in sizes suitable for kids and adults alike. Order now before the start of the next season and equip your team with nothing but the best rugby kits from Cubic Promote.

Features of Rugby Uniforms

Our range of customised rugby apparel has been designed with performance in mind. Everything from our fabrics and cut to our printing techniques ensures comfort and durability is key when it comes to playing on pitch or watching from the stands. Our fabric choices allow movement while keeping players cool even in high intensity games.

We use advanced materials such as technical wicking fabrics to give players increased comfort during games while also offering protection against abrasions and sweat build up over long periods of play - giving you more confidence throughout the match.

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