Rugby Uniforms

Promotional Rugby Uniforms

Buy promotional rugby uniforms with your team logo and sponsor graphics from Cubic Promote. We stock jerseys and shorts perfect for rugby union and rugby league teams, with vibrant colours and moisture-wicking materials. So whether you play in a juniors team, a regional team, a state team, or in one of our national clubs, we've got you covered - literally! Custom rugby uniforms from Cubic Promote are a fantastic investment for any Australian club keen to wear their uniforms proudly without compromising on quality. 

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Features of the Uniform

Discover our customised rugby uniforms, designed with the player's performance and comfort in mind:

  • Performance-Oriented Design: Tailored specifically for optimal performance on the pitch.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Fabrics are engineered to support movement and keep players cool during high-intensity games.
  • Sweat Wicking Fabrics: Utilised to increase player comfort, manage sweat, and offer abrasion protection during prolonged play.
  • Confidence Boosting: Advanced materials provide players with additional confidence throughout the match.

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Care Tips

Keep your rugby uniforms in prime condition with these straightforward care tips:

  • Cold Wash: Use cold water on a gentle cycle to prevent shrinkage and colour fading.
  • Mild Detergent: Choose a mild detergent and steer clear of bleach to protect the fabric's integrity.
  • Air Dry: Hang the uniforms to air dry away from direct sunlight to maintain fabric strength and colour vibrancy.
  • Avoid Fabric Softeners: These can impair the moisture-wicking properties of th fabrics.
  • Turn Inside Out: Wash uniforms inside out to prevent prints and embellishments from wear.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can rugby uniforms be customised with team logos and colours?

Yes, you can customise them with your team's logos and colours to reflect your brand and identity.

What material are rugby uniforms made from?

They are typically made from durable, high-quality fabrics like polyester, which offers moisture-wicking properties and resistance to wear and tear.

How should I wash my rugby uniform?

Wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle, using a mild detergent, and avoid bleach to preserve the fabric's quality and colours.

Are there specific rugby uniforms for different weather conditions?

Yes, we offer uniforms suitable for various weather conditions, including lightweight options for warmer climates and layered options for cooler weather.

How do I ensure the correct fit for my rugby uniform?

Refer to our detailed sizing chart and consider the fit preferences of your players, whether they prefer a tighter performance fit or a looser, more comfortable fit.

Feel free to contact us for additional information on our range of customised rugby uniforms. 

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