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Buy scrubs and gowns custom printed with your graphic or logo in Australia. Scrubs and gowns with a vibrant logo or pattern help reassure patients and visitors in a medical setting that the team handling their care is compassionate and professional. If you operate an assisted living facility, day surgery, GP clinic, hospital, or any other medical centre, then you'll want these quality scrubs and gowns from Cubic Promote as part of your uniform. Not only do our scrubs and gowns look fantastic, but they also meet Australian standards so that you can dress your staff and patients confidently. Our website prices are listed in Australian dollars and do not include GST.

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We Digital Full Colour Print Scrubs

At Cubic Promote, we use the latest digital printing technology to add your logo design to scrubs to convey a message about your business or team. Digital printing is fantastic for replicating small detail and vibrant colours, so these are an excellent choice for adding your custom logo to non-surgical ward attire.

Fast Shipping Australia

If you're after bulk medical scrubs and patient gowns, then shop with Australia's own Cubic Promote. We keep our apparel here in Australia for fast decoration and delivery. If you have an urgent deadline, please let us know when placing your order, and we'll provide an express time frame. We deliver to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

What are Scrubs?

Scrubs refer to the clothing worn by nurses, doctors, dentists, midwives, and patient care/transport staff in medical facilities. While traditionally, scrubs refer to the apparel a surgeon wears when operating, these days, its definition has been broadened to include any clothing that is worn specifically in a medical environment that is lightweight, easy to wear, fast to launder, and quick to dry. Here in Australia, you'll see scrubs on hospital, veterinary, aged-care, dental, and beauty staff in various roles as part of their uniforms.

Scrubs themselves are sanitary clothing because they are only worn in a medical environment. Still, they are not medical devices and if exposed to contaminants, can absorb them if not correctly laundered to industry standards. We stock a variety of scrubs for Aussie workers that can come plain or with department/centre branding on them.

What are Gowns?

Medical gowns are the outfits worn by patients receiving treatment in a medical facility. Gowns tie together or snap together with buttons and provide lightweight coverage over the torso, arms, and legs. Gaps in the material allow medical staff easy access to the patient. Cubic Promote stocks several different kinds of patient gowns, which we will customise with ward details, hospital logos and more.

FAQ on Scrubs & Gowns

Do you supply scrubs & gowns with logo branding?

Yes, we sell scrubs & gowns with promotional decoration.

What is the smallest number of branded scrubs & gowns that I can order?

The minimum quantity of promotional scrubs and gowns we can supply is 10 units.

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