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Promotional Soccer Uniforms

Buy promotional soccer uniforms custom printed with your club graphic, sponsors or team logo. Whether you're in the A-League or a kid playing Miniroos football, having the right uniform for the job is essential. Cubic Promote sells high-quality soccer tops and shorts, ideal for playing the game in the Australian climate. Order in bulk to kit out your club or to resell to your fans; the choices are limitless with vibrant, durable promotional soccer uniforms from our all-ages range. The website prices listed are in AUD and exclude GST.

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We Customise Soccer Uniforms

Our customisation service allows you to choose from several different types of fabric, including breathable mesh and moisture-resistant fabrics that keep players cool while they’re playing. Additionally, you can choose any colour combination you like and have your logo or other graphics added too! Our designs are available in both adult sizes and those suitable for kids too.

We take pride in our attention to detail too. We only use top quality materials so that your kits last season after season; plus our turnaround times are fast so you won’t have to wait long before getting your hands on your brand new kits!

Perfect for Kids' Community Soccer Clubs

Whether you have girls or boys playing in MinIRoos or a smaller local soccer competition, Cubic Promote is the perfect choice for getting junior football gear with custom print designs. You don't need to be the Matildas to have a great looking uniform when you're playing The World's Game, which is why our range of soccer shirts, shorts, and socks are affordable and durable without any compromise on quality.

Youth soccer clubs will usually use colours that reflect existing A-Leaguen teams, but altered to have a different club logo and arrangement of patterns, as well as local advertiser logos. Order your community soccer club's next season uniform from Cubic Promote and be impressed by just how great your team can look, regardless of age, ranking or location!

What Are Soccer Uniforms?

A soccer uniform is the set of clothing worn by soccer players on the field. Each team's uniform, which features a top, shorts, and socks, is different in colour and pattern so that it is easy for referees and spectators alike to distinguish between opposing teams on the field

While most Aussies are probably familiar with the green and gold uniforms worn by the Socceroos and Matildas, local club soccer uniforms can feature a variety of colour combinations and logos, giving each club a unique look.

Soccer uniforms are lightweight and feature moisture-wicking fabric so that players stay cool while playing football regardless of the weather. Give your community club or junior league team a boost with clear, colourful soccer uniforms that wear beautifully and will last all season from Cubic Promote's resident uniform experts.

Features of Soccer Uniforms

A good quality soccer uniform should provide comfort and durability, as well as looking great out on the pitch! All of our materials come with sweat-resistant technology which ensures that players remain comfortable during gameplay without compromising mobility or flexibility.

Our printing techniques are designed to ensure maximum durability – even after multiple washes these prints remain vibrant. Furthermore all of our jerseys come with reinforced stitching so they don’t fray or become easily damaged during gameplay.

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