Sports Scarves

Promotional Sports Scarves

We sell custom sports scarves embroidered with your logo or design. These garments are crafted from durable, high-quality materials suited for outdoor conditions and for showcasing team logos, sponsors, or events. Whether for school events or sports promotions, these scarves are sure to capture attention.

Cubic Promote has 18 years of experience in providing promotional products and is trusted by over 4,500 Australian companies each year. Choosing our branded sports scarves means choosing products that not only improve brand visibility but also align with eco-friendly values. As a carbon-neutral company, we minimise our environmental impact by offsetting the carbon emissions from our manufacturing and distribution processes, supporting a healthier planet.


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Ideal Use Cases for Personalised Sports Scarves

These garments are versatile and vibrant accessories, perfect for rallying team spirit and enhancing brand visibility. Here are some ideal cases for their use:

  • Fan Merchandise: Enhancing team identity among supporters.
  • Event Giveaways: Offering memorable souvenirs at sports events.
  • Corporate Gifts: Strengthening brand loyalty with unique presents.
  • School Spirit: Promoting unity and pride in educational institutions.
  • Retail Products: Expanding merchandise options for sports enthusiasts.

You may also check our range of promotional apparel that can be customised with your company logo or graphics.

Care Tips for Custom Branded Sports Scarves

Proper care is essential to ensure your scarves remain vibrant and maintain their shape. Here are some key tips:

  • Use a Mesh Laundry Bag: Place custom sporting scarves in a mesh bag before machine washing.
  • Delicate Cycle: Choose the delicate cycle with cool water and a low spin setting.
  • Hand Wash Option: If hand washing, select a knit-friendly detergent, soak for up to 30 minutes, and rinse with cool water.
  • Flat Drying: Lay the scarves flat on a drying rack to dry; avoid wringing or pressing to prevent damage to the acrylic fabric.

FAQs About Custom Printed Sports Scarves

Do you supply sports scarves with custom printing?

Yes, we sell them custom branded with your graphic.

What is the minimum number of custom sports scarves I can order?

25 is the minimum order quantity for custom sports scarves.

Are your products stocked locally in Australia?

Yes, our products are stocked locally in Australia, ensuring quick delivery for customers.

What material are your sporting scarves made out of?

Sports scarves are typically made from materials like polyester, acrylic, or a blend, offering durability and vibrant color retention.

How do I wash my sports scarf to keep it looking new?

Wash your sports scarf in cold water on a delicate cycle or by hand with mild detergent, and lay it flat to dry to preserve its colours and fabric integrity.

Feel free to contact us for additional information on our range of sports scarves. 

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