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Promotional Stormtech Backpacks

If you're looking for a great promotional gift that will be useful and stylish at the same time, then Stormtech backpacks are just what your company needs. Our custom-branded Stormtech bags come in various sizes to suit any need - whether commuting or going on different adventures. We stock a wide array of high-quality, weatherproof Stormtech backpack bags. Order now from Australia's own Cubic Promote and get quality bags customised fast.

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Ideal Use Cases

Stormtech backpacks are engineered with a water-resistant material, enabling them to withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether you’re going to work or going on a nature trip, these comfortable, lightweight backpacks make perfect travel companions.

Care Guide for Stormtech Backpacks

  • Do not machine wash: Only hand wash Stormtech backpacks in lukewarm water to protect their custom prints.
  • Enhance waterproofing: Treat with water-repellent spray to maintain its waterproofing capability.
  • Reduce odour: Sprinkle baking soda inside the backpack to deodorise the backpack naturally.
  • Maintain structure: Avoid folding or compressing the backpack when storing away.
  • Gently clean stains: Clean tough stains with a light hand using a sponge or a non-abrasive cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Stormtech backpacks suited for?

Stormtech backpacks can be used by employees, travel enthusiasts such as hikers and campers, and students of all ages.

Do you sell unbranded Stormtech backpacks?

Yes, we supply blank Stormtech backpacks, ideal for any event, from corporate conferences and school meetings to outdoor trips.



How quickly do you deliver orders for Stormtech backpacks?

Our standard production time for promotional Stormtech backpacks is two weeks, but we can also supply backpacks within a shorter time frame. Connect with our sales team for expedited delivery requests.

Are there supplies locally stocked?

Yes, we have a stock of Stormtech backpacks always ready for delivery everywhere in Australia.

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