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In the competitive world of business, organisations are always exploring innovative methods to differentiate themselves, nurture strong connections, and develop brand allegiance. One such emerging tactic is utilising promotional gifts as welcoming presents for both new hires and clients. These branded items not only act as considerate tokens but also as potent marketing instruments. By offering new team members or clients personalized promotional gifts, companies can build the foundation for enduring, mutually advantageous relationships while enhancing their brand's exposure.

Welcome Promotional Gifts

Selecting Promotional Products for Onboarding Success

Selecting the perfect promotional products as onboarding gifts involves a deliberate and well-planned approach. To optimize the effect of these items, businesses need to take into account various factors such as the recipients' preferences, the organization's brand image, and the desired message. Through meticulous selection and customization of promotional items, companies can create unforgettable onboarding experiences that leave a lasting impact on the recipients.

Understand your target audience

To choose the most suitable promotional products as onboarding gifts, it's essential to comprehend the target recipients. For new employees, opt for practical items that will assist them in their daily tasks, like branded notepads, writing instruments, or office accessories. These functional gifts can help newcomers feel at ease and ready to tackle their new roles. For clients, focus on products that resonate with their sector, hobbies, or requirements while remaining in line with the company's brand and communication.

Display your brand

Enhancing brand visibility and recognition is the primary objective of promotional items. Hence, organizations should pick products that effectively showcase their logos, colors, and messaging. This can be done through top-notch printing, engraving, or embroidery, depending on the item. However, it's crucial to maintain a balance between branding and subtlety; excessive branding may be perceived as overly promotional, potentially diminishing the gift's impact.

Embody company values

Promotional products should also represent the organization's fundamental values and mission. For example, if a company is committed to sustainability, environmentally friendly onboarding gifts like reusable drink containers or promotional eco-friendly bags are ideal choices. This not only conveys the company's dedication to the environment but also encourages the recipient to adopt similar principles.

Add a personal touch

Incorporating personalized elements to promotional onboarding gifts can significantly boost their appeal. This may involve a handwritten message, bespoke packaging, or even customizing the gift itself with the recipient's name or initials. Personalization can help establish a more profound emotional connection with the recipient, fostering a sense of acknowledgment and belonging.

Leave a lasting impression

To truly set themselves apart and make a long-lasting impression, businesses should strive to offer distinctive and unforgettable promotional products. This means selecting high-quality, cutting-edge, or unconventional items that recipients will be thrilled to use and share with others. A carefully chosen, memorable gift can stimulate conversation and generate positive associations with the company's brand.


In summary, promotional products as onboarding gifts present a valuable opportunity for businesses to form strong, lasting bonds with new hires and clients. These onboarding gifts become much more than simple tokens of gratitude -  they transform into powerful representations of an organization's identity and ethos.

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Wendy is the general manager of Cubic Promote and has 14 years of experience in the promotional product industry. Wendy is an expert on the successful execution of marketing merchandise strategies and individual products to suit a broad range of recipients. Visit her on LinkedIn.

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