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Thermal Mugs

Buy Promotional Travel Mugs and Branded Thermal Cups

Travel mugs are a great option for anyone looking to invest in a piece of branded merchandise to have year-round branding exposure. We carry a big range of thermal travel mugs from cheap budget option to more premium cups. A travel mug is a great alternative to regular ceramic mugs as they provide not only the convenience of portability but also they are more durable for everyday use. You can throw these mugs into a bag, spill their contents, or even drop from heights and still suffer no damage (save of course the odd scratch here or there). These travel mugs are clearly superb at keeping beverages hot or cold for an extended period.

Buy Travel Mugs Expertly Emblazoned With Your Logo

We specialise in branding your logo onto these stylish travel mugs. We utilise laser engraving to etch your design into metal mugs directly. We can also use printing add your logo using ink. Cubic Promote uses industry best techniques to ensure that you receive a product that is high in quality with logo decoration to match. We check the quality of our custom printed thermal mugs twice before they leave our factory. If, for any reason, the cups arrive in a condition below your standard, please let us know, and we will replace any faulty units.

What are Promotional Thermal Mugs?

Promotional thermal or travel mugs are portable cups with handles that feature added insulation to maintain the temperature of your hot beverage inside. This level of insulation means you can transport a piping hot coffee with you in the car without it turning cold before you reach the office. Similarly, a cool drink won't end up being hot if you utilise a thermal mug for your refreshing juice or water. We brand these mugs with your unique logo design making them perfect for corporate gifts, events promotion, University marketing, outdoor/picnic activities, and so much more.

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Logo Branded Travel Mug Styles

All our travel mugs feature a double layer of insulation; it is this insulation that makes it possible to maintain the temperature of the liquid contents. Cheap thermal mugs tend to be made from plastic or feature a plastic inner interior, while our more expensive options feature a metal interior. The metal options tend to provide better insulation for temperature changes than the cheaper ones, owing to the quality of the materials involved. Other than that there are no major differences between our travel mug styles (other than size options, of course).

How Customised Travel Mugs Maintain Temperatures

Travel mugs maintain beverage temperatures by using insulation and retaining energy. If you keep hot (or cold) drinks in a travel mug, they will typically keep their initial temperature for a full hour before they begin to normalise slowly towards room temperature. So how does this work? Well, travel mugs feature a double wall construction which means there is a vacuum of space between the liquid and the temperature outside. This vacuum acts as an insulator which will ensure that heat energy is not dispersed through the outside surface of the mug, leaving your tea or coffee nice and hot. Our cheaper cups feature an inner plastic insulation, while our more expensive option feature a metal inner which makes them retain heat (or cold) better than the more affordable options.

Promotional Gift Boxing for Cups

Our mugs come delivered packed into clear disposable plastic bags and are then further placed into a white cardboard box. Our boxes are form fitted to your cups and will provide protection when the item is in transit. If you prefer a more premium presentation options, please enquire with a team member, and we will give you some extra options.

Tips on Cleaning Your Personalized Thermal Mugs

We do not recommend using dishwashers to clean thermal mugs. Where possible it's recommended to hand wash the mugs using soapy water or detergents. For hard to remove stains for older mugs the easiest method will be to use Bi-Carbonate Soda (Baking Powder) which is commonly available at all supermarkets. Simply follow these instructions below:

1) Mix half baking powder with half water
2) Using a dry cloth dab generously onto the mixture
3) Rub all visible stains on your Thermal Mug

All stains will be lifted out a lot more efficiently than washing alone. This method also works well on ceramic mugs as well.

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