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Promotional Tool Sets

Buy tool sets custom printed with your graphics or logo. Individual tools and custom toolsets make fantastic promotional items for anyone who needs a functional tool on hand to perform essential everyday tasks -- think your household handyman or handywoman! Cubic Promote stocks a wide assortment of multi-tools, screwdrivers, and tool kits which are sturdy and perfect for brand promotion. If you're in the homecare or construction industry, you'll find these products make great corporate gifts.

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We Pad Print and Laser Engrave Tool Sets

Cubic Promote will use the latest pad printing technology to add your logo to the outer casing of these toolsets. We also offer laser engraving to emblazon your design on multi-tool products with metal panels. Regardless of which technique we use to add your decoration to these handy everyday tools, you'll appreciate the professional finish we provide on every product.

A Fantastic Household Gift

Australians love DIY homes. There is a reason why Bunnings is the most iconic retail chain in Australia because of all the DIY frenzies that are happening. When people start renovating or fixing their homes, gardens, bikes, cars etc., what do they need the most? Besides the person who will do the work, they will need good reliable tools. That is why tool kits are the ideal gift to anyone, as they will need a tool at some point, as small as to fix the loose screw on a chair or toy, or significant job like installing a door, people will need at least one tool for sure.

These custom car accessories are another must-have item to keep in your home garage.

What is a Custom Tool Kit?

A tool kit is a set of tools that are kept in a bag or box. Usually, the set of tools is designed for a similar purpose. A Custom Tool Kit is for people who need specially created tools for purposes. The shelves tools cannot fit the requirement. Some jobs will need specially designed and made tools.

Tips for Cleaning Tools and Kits

The key element to the maintenance of tools is keeping the tools dry and clean. If the tools are wet, they will start to be rusted, and if the tools are dirty, the stain will stay on the tool permanently and damage the quality and effectiveness of the tools. So best to wipe down the tools with a damp cloth after every use and let them air dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the tools.

If there is grease or oil on the tool, you can wear latex gloves, then spray the tool with WD-40, and then wipe it down with a rag until the grease or oil is gone.

FAQ on Tool Sets

Do you supply tool kits with logo printing?

Yes, we supply tool sets with custom branding on them.

What is the smallest number of tool kits I can order?

The minimum quantity of toolsets we can supply is 25 units with the logo printed.

What is the difference between Phillips head and slot (flat) screwdriver heads?

There are a few differences between Phillips head and slot screwdrivers:
Firstly, the appearance is different. Flat screw drives have one single straight blade, while Philips head screwdrivers have two blades that are crossed to each other.

Secondly, the Phillips head screwdrivers are designed to be used for screws that have a cross blade top. Philips head screwdrivers cannot be used to screw flat blade screws. The same applies to the slotted screwdriver, and it cannot screw Philips head screws.

What other features do multi-tools have?

A handy multi-tool is very portable, it is small in size, and you can carry them around in handbags, travel luggage or toolboxes. A handy multi-tool can act like a knife blade, piler, a bottle or can opener, scissors, wire cutter, screwdriver and more. Speak to our team for more information on the exact multi-tool set that might suit your needs.

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Screwdriver Set


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