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Torches & flashlights

Buy Promotional Torches and Flashlights

Buy torches and flashlights customised with your logo. We stock a range of quality torches that will ensure you and your client will always have light & illumination. Our flashlights feature LED light bulbs for enhanced luminosity and increased battery life.

Lights and Torches Branded With Your Logo

Torches and Flashlights make fantastic marketing items as they're the kind of product recipients utilise repeatedly. Whether they keep a keyring torch in their backpack or handbag, or perhaps a heavier flashlight in the office or home in case of emergencies, these torches are bound to be used more than once. That's why it makes sense for Cubic Promote to brand each bulk ordered item with your logo design using pad printing OR laser engraving. Our range of products is extensive, and we can customise each unit as required.

Budget Cheap Options vs. Premium Lights

We stock a huge range of lights at different price points to ensure that you get to choose the option that is right for you. Our lower priced lights are exceptional value for money. Small and handy, they're perfect for events where you want every guest to receive a gift. Our larger and more premium options, on the other hand, are ideal as corporate gifts. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST.

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Buy Lights in Custom Gift Boxes

Our range of personalised lights come gift boxed in either a white cardboard box or a black cardboard box. In some instances where indicated a special tin box may be available too. Ask us when you make your enquiry and tell us what type of packaging you require. You will be surprised, but a well-presented box will make a world of difference to the appeal of the product.

All Promotional Torches Come With Batteries

We want you to focus on your event and not worry about things like if your promotional torches come with batteries. Our entire ranges of torches come with a basic long life (note not alkaline) battery. These are perfect to get you and your clients illuminated and up and running for your event. To prevent corrosion, we supply batteries that are not connected to the terminals via a slim piece of removable plastic to ensure long life if you desire to store the product instead of opening them up for immediate use.

Ideas on where to Use a Customised Torch

Many of the places and events where we have supplied customised torches include hotel accommodation (an emergency torch provided in each room), night time events (The Sydney Vivid festival for example), for Automobile Cars as an emergency torch as well as events and functions where light is a key theme. If you are involved in an event where you would like to promote a green, eco-friendly atmosphere, then a Dynamo Crank Flashlight may just be the perfect item.

Methods of Branding - Printing or Engraving

The prices shown on our website include printing of your logo or graphics by using the pad printing method of direct branding. For metal surfaced torches you also have the additional option of having them laser engraved instead. Both types of branding on torches give you a fantastic visual effect. For more information on which suits your needs best, please contact us.

Buy Lights in Bulk and Save Using Indent Orders

Do you require a larger amount of brandable lights for your event? Did you plan early at around 4 to 9 weeks before your event? Well, this service may interest you if indeed you were buying promotional flash lights. Using our indent service you can have lights custom made just for you. You will save money and not only that, but you can have the lights delivered in your colour of choice and personalised in a variety of options too. Find out more and ask for a quote or some options using our indent service.

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