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Promotional Torches & Flashlights Printed with your Logo

Buy torches and flashlights custom printed with your graphic or logo. Torches and flashlights are great for nearly any industry. Custom lights make reat giveaways for trade shows, safety seminars, or even school fundraisers, so your brand is illuminated far and wide. Whatever your style, we carry a wide selection of custom torches and flashlights with high-quality designs and functions to suit your business. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST.

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We Pad Print, Laser Engrave & Digitally Full Colour Print

Cubic Promote uses the latest printing technology to add your logo or design onto each torch and flashlight. Our creative team will expertly pad print your logo in up to 3 colours and digital print when using a full-colour logo or graphic. For metal ones, we recommend laser engraving, which perfectly carves your design directly into the surface of the torch and flashlight for a more elegant and subtle finish.

Fast Delivery in Australia

We stock a wide selection of custom torches and flashlights locally to ensure fast delivery to any location within Australia. Our standard turnaround time is two weeks, but if you need this item faster, please tell us, and we will endeavour to work on your request.

What is a Torch?

A torch is a portable battery-operated electric lamp designed to illuminate dark spaces. Whether you've experienced a home power outage or been stuck with a broken down car on the open road, you'll know how important owning a flashlight can be for safety and security.

By handing out a customised torch or flashlight, your company conveys a message of care for the safety and well-being of your recipients. Essential pieces in any emergency or tool kit, these flashlights make for practical and timeless gifts, wedding favours, and trade show giveaways.

Functional Custom Gifts

Flashlights come in handy and make a must-have item for outdoor or emergency kits at home, car, or office. They are also functional giveaways for nearly any industry or business, just like promotional binoculars and pedometers for outdoor enthusiasts. They are popular gifts for corporate events or as party props and fun game favours. Cubic Promote carries a wide selection of traditional flashlights, as well as unique and portable options to suit every need that comes with custom branding.

FAQ on Flashlights

Do you supply torches with logo printing?

Yes, we supply torches with your custom branding.

What is the smallest number of flashlights I can order?

The minimum quantity of flashlights we can supply is 50 units.

Do your torches come with batteries?

Yes, our small torches come with batteries in them. To prevent corrosion, we supply batteries that are not connected to the terminals via a slim piece of removable plastic, this is to ensure the batteries last and don't drain or damage during storage.

What is the best way to clean custom torches and lights?

Your flashlight is an essential tool, especially for your emergency kits, so here are some simple ways to properly clean them.

  • After every use, wipe off any dirt or moisture with a dry cloth.
  • Using a toothbrush is great for getting into the hard-to-reach crevices for heavy stains.
  • Occasionally, open the battery compartments and remove the batteries to check for any sign of corrosion or damage. Wipe the batteries and interior down with a clean microfibre cloth. If there are signs of corrosion, replace the batteries and grab a cotton bud to clean these with an electric contact cleaner carefully.
  • Please keep torches away from direct sunlight and store it in a dry place.
  • Take the batteries out of your flashlights if you will store them for a prolonged period.

Do you supply flashlights in gift boxes?

Our range of personalised lights come gift boxed in either a white cardboard box or a black cardboard box. In some instances where indicated a special tin box may be available too. Ask us when you make your enquiry and tell us what type of packaging you require. You will be surprised, but a well-presented box will make a world of difference to the appeal of the product.

Where to use Customised Torches

Many of the places and events where we have supplied customised torches include hotel accommodation (an emergency torch provided in each room), night time events (The Sydney Vivid festival for example), for Automobile Cars as an emergency torch as well as events and functions where light is a key theme. If you are involved in an event where you would like to promote a green, eco-friendly atmosphere, then a Dynamo Crank Flashlight may just be the perfect item.

Image for pad printing on torch with woven strap.
Torch with Woven Strap


Fast Shipping Australia Wide
Fast Shipping Australia Wide
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100% Warranty On All Our Work
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99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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15 Million+ items Shipped
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