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Akubra hats are synonymous with Australia and the outback. These truly iconic hats are made locally and feature appealing designs that are distinctly identifiable as Australian. Here at Cubic Promote we are proud to carry the entire range of true blue Akubra hats in all their glory. When you want to show off your Aussie pride with a hard wearing and distinct product, you really can't go past an Akubra hat. The appealing style of the Akubra range means these hats are perfect for corporate uniform wear as well as for sporting casually over the weekend. Man or woman, there's an Akubra hat available to suit everyone!

Buy Akubra Hats Customised With Your Corporate Logo

We can supply you with Akubra hats that are individually emblazoned with your logo by an expert milliner right here in Australia. Use these Akubra hats for offsite events or as part of your corporate image to help display your true blue colours. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Akubra Hats Gift Boxed

All our hats are gift boxed in a beautiful presentation box. It is the perfect way to give out an Akubra hat as a corporate gift. Impress your Australian or overseas guest with a gift that has both a heritage behind it, as well as quality that is among the very best in the world.

Decoration Possibilities Akubra Hats

All branding of Akubra hats are done in-house at the Akubra production facility by an expert hat craftsman. The branding options available for your hat include:

Laser Engraving - Your Logo is burnt onto the fabric of the hat.

Plastisol Transfer - A full colour vibrant print is achieved using Plastisol Transfer

Embroidered Hatband - Your logo is embroidered onto a coloured band which is then neatly sits onto of the hat. The fabric we use is either a removable pleated hatband (puggaree) or a ribbon (grosgrain) hatband.

Metal Badge Pin - A badge expertly crafted into the shape of your logo and fastened to the hat.

Shown below are examples of the decoration methods displayed in order from left to right:

akubra hat engravedakubra hat transferedakubra hat embroideredakubra hat with custom badge




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