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Wearable promotional products that are personalised with your branding are terrific for all types of outdoor and even indoor events. We think that products that can be worn such as silicone wristbands, watches and ties are fabulous because they are such personal products which are worn in such close proximity by the recipient. Passer bys can see exactly what you are wearing, whilst for the wearer there is nothing similar to the feeling of having a product that defines you as belonging to a certain club, community or belief.

Growing Popularity in Printed Wearables

Products that can be worn around the neck or the wrist have been growing in immense popularity the past year. Due in part to the fact that many products are already used intensively as corporate gifts means that products that are unique, interesting and functional tend to have more positive feedback and a better resonance with the recipient.

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The Feeling of Community

This category of product tends to be very popular with charities and schools (in the instance of silicone wristbands). Products such as neck ties and watches are extremely popular with corporate teams, local clubs, sporting teams and the like. The unique thing about products for the neck and wrist is that they create a sense of community. Why not also consider creating a complete corporate or club look by purchasing matching polo shirts, caps and jackets to create a unique uniform.

Total Personalization on Ties & Watches

Of the products you see here, the most interesting has got to be watches and ties. These products are assembled and printed from the ground up. In the instance of watches, an expert craftsman takes apart a watch to brand the individual components before re-assembly. For ties, these can be customised in your pattern of choice. The amount of total personalization is quite amazing.

Buy Branded In Bulk Delivered & Save Money

All the items here are sold in bulk volumes. Unfortunately we are unable to brand on less than the minimum runs that are stated on this website. Each product has a tier pricing where the more you buy means the cheaper per unit the item will be. If you are after larger runs then please ask us for a quote.

Custom Indent Personal Gifts

If you need a large volume of product and can wait between 4-10 weeks then our indent service may interest you. Essentially all our products can be delivered via indent which means that they are made to order. The savings you will get are immense, however the fun part is when we can have the product customised exactly to your liking with virtually unlimited flexibility when it comes to things like choosing colour and branding methods.

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