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Promotional Paper Bags, Bookmarks & Cards

Custom paper bags may possibly be the most visible and popular product out there.  In almost every retail shop and every conference a paper bag branded with your images and logos are an absolute essential. Design your bag with a subtle logo or with loud images for maximum visibility or maximum class. Other than custom bags we also specialise in short run printing as well. 

Promotional Bookmarks

Products like bookmarks work wonders for events and are perfect for students and adults alike. These are low in cost but offer a huge area for some creative branding. 

Custom Printed Greeting Cards

Similarly we have greeting cards that can be tailored to any event. Use them during Christmas or any other festivity or event that you can think of.  With our low prices on both short and large print runs you simply have no reason to look anywhere else. 

Relable Fast Delivery

Cubic Promote has been supplying Australian businesses with customised bookmarks, cards, paper bags and other print material for years. Whilst you are checking our range out why not see what USB sticks you can use to accompany your next event. For more product styles and options please call and speak to one of our friendly staff to find out more!Smile  Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Tips & Ideas #1 - All About Design on Paper Bags & Print Material

It is all about design! Personalised paper bags and bookmarks and cards are all about design. Have a normal design then the item is purely functional. Design something that is creative then your functional item instantly becomes eye catching and desirable & because these products are printed in full colour you can really go insane with your design.

Tip & Ideas #2 - Choosing Bag Sizes and Bookmark Size

We recommend to opt for smaller sized bags and bookmarks for your event where possible. Why? Well in the instance of bags a smaller size is typically lower in cost but importantly it is more manageable by the recipient and more convenient to use. With bookmarks a smaller size means it is less intrusive with the recipient when it is actually used. In fact chances are it may even be kept on the same page which means maximum brand exposure for you.

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