Well Being Items

Customised Well Being Items

Buy personal promotional items that will take care of your recipients own individual health branded with your logo. Products and accessories that help us through our everyday lives are very popular and extremely versatile as customised gifts. Prices shown exclude GST.

Why Use Branded Personal Gifts?

A personal gift is something a bit more special than a generic product such as a ruler or a pencil. You see products like the ones you will see in this category typically are used during private occasions and are items that do not get shared and rarely will they be lost. To have your branding customised on one of these products mean branding exposure for your company yet also a functional useful product for your recipient, for which they will be grateful for.

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Summer or Winter time Promotional Items

Summer is an excellent time to promote your brand name. Some of the products in this category are absolutely perfect for the summertime. Whilst products like hand sanitizers are effective products to fight against bacteria during colder winter seasons. When your aiming to launch your event during more extreme weather seasons then this range of well being products should be high on your short list when choosing merchandise.

Health Matters

The most important aspect when it comes to considering branded products that relate to your health and well being when knowing that your product with your logo is safe to use. Cubic Promote is a member of APPA. The Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) is our trade body within Australia and all our products that you see on our website from our vendors are all legally compliant. Also our code of conduct to be eligible as an APPA member requires us to supply products that are (in summary)

1.8 Product Safety - Comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety of products sold and will meet applicable recognised voluntary industry standards for products and processes

1.9 Quality of Product and Services provided - Goods and services by members will be of an acceptable standard taking into consideration the price. All necessary quality controls will be ensured and compliance with all commercial consumer laws taken into account.

Bulk order & Save Money

Where possible we do recommend you to order in bulk. Simply because there are a lot of cost savings to be had with larger runs. If you would like a price on a product for a larger quantity not listed on our website, simply call us on 1300 858 288 or send us an enquiry and we would be glad to assist with a quote.

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