3D Crystal Trophy Awards

Custom Branded 3D Crystal Trophy Awards

Awards made from premium high-grade crystal. Our trophies are gorgeous and are suitable for all occasions where only the very best presentation products are appropriate. These crystals are sourced from Australia and utilise high technology laser beams to create and etch your logo. For the absolute best in trophies you cannot go past this amazing range.

Trophies Personalised Using Laser Engraving

You may be already familiar with laser engraving which involves a hot beam of laser that effectively etches your branding. These trophies take things one step further by using proprietary software and technique to use a laser to make cracks within a crystal. A series of virtually hundreds of thousands of cracks are done to the crystal to create your artwork embedded within the crystal in a three-dimensional plane.

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27 Items

Set Descending Direction

Australian Made Using a Unique Process

When engraving we use software that converts a regular digital image into a 3-dimensional image with depth and perspective. Each point is individually engraved using a precise laser to focus on one point in the crystal. This point will crack as the energy of the laser increases. The crystal we use has to be high in quality to guard against colour change and fading. In fact, the crystal is of the same calibre used in the lens of the Hubble Space Telescope - that's how high-performing it is. These crystal trophies are truly ones that will last a lifetime.

Will Trophy Images Fade Overtime?

Our trophies will not fade over time because we use the best grade Crystal available. This ensures your prestige and branding will never are held in high esteem now and in the future.

Gift Box Presentation

To add to the prestige of these trophies, we present each unit in a thick board gift box. This gift box is coloured blue with surface perforations to enhance the aesthetic look of it. We produce the interior lining of the box from blue silk which will both cushion and protect, and also clean your trophy from finger smudges as well. The gift box is form cut to size ensuring that the box will match the shape and size of the trophy.

LED Light Presentation Base

When receiving a trophy as prestigious as this you would want to show it off. Why not consider purchasing one of our dedicated LED light bases. These LED light bases shine a strong beam of light onto and through the award to create a stunning visual light show. Choose from single white colour LED bases or a multi-colour changing light base.

3d crystal award trophy base

 Check out our clip on these amazing award trophies:

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