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Promotional AFL Uniforms in Bulk

Buy promotional AFL uniforms for kids and adults with custom printed graphics and club logos. These uniforms are crafted using durable, lightweight fabrics that offer players comfort and flexibility to perform at their best. Featuring customizable designs, our AFL uniforms allow for vibrant prints of your logo, perfect for local clubs, school teams, and promotional events.

Cubic Promote, with 18 years of industry expertise, is a go-to provider of promotional products for over 4,500 Australian companies each year. By selecting our branded AFL uniforms, you're choosing high-performance gear that reflects your commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. As a carbon-neutral company, we are dedicated to reducing our ecological impact by offsetting carbon emissions from our operations.

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What Are Custom Printed AFL Uniforms For?

AFL (Australian Football League) clothes serve several essential purposes, both on and off the field:

  • Team Identity and Unity: AFL clothes, including jerseys and shorts, help establish a team's identity, showcasing team colours, logos, and numbers that foster a sense of unity and belonging among players and fans alike.
  • Performance and Comfort: These clothes are designed to meet the physical demands of the sport, offering players the comfort, flexibility, and breathability.
  • Protection: Padded shorts or compression wear, provides additional protection to players, reducing the risk of injuries during the high-impact play typical of AFL.
  • Fan Support: These uniforms allow fans to show their support and loyalty to their favourite teams and players, creating a shared community spirit and enhancing the overall experience of the sport.
  • Marketing and Sponsorship: AFL clothing is also a valuable tool for marketing and sponsorship, with team uniforms featuring sponsors' logos.

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Care Instructions for Personalised AFL Jerseys

Caring for AFL uniforms properly ensures they remain in good condition and last longer. Here are some care instructions to follow:

  • Wash Separately: Wash the uniforms separately from other clothes to avoid colour transfer and protect the fabric from potential damage caused by zippers or Velcro from other garments.
  • Cold Wash: Use cold water in a gentle cycle to prevent shrinking and preserve the fabric's integrity and colours.
  • Mild Detergent: Choose a mild detergent and avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, which can degrade the material and affect the uniform's moisture-wicking properties.
  • Turn Inside Out: Before washing, turn the uniforms inside out to protect logos, numbers, and any printed or embroidered details.
  • Do Not Soak: Avoid soaking uniforms, as this can cause colours to run, especially in new garments or those with vibrant colours.
  • Air Dry: Hang the uniforms to air dry, and avoid direct sunlight, which can fade the colours. Do not use a tumble dryer, as the heat can shrink the fabric and damage the printing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Branded AFL Uniforms

Can AFL jerseys be customised with a player's name and number?

Yes, they can be customised with a player's name and number, making them a popular choice for fans wanting to show support for their favourite players.

Are there different types of AFL jerseys for fans and players?

There are replica jerseys and merchandise designed for fans, which may differ slightly in material and fit. Meanwhile, uniforms designed for players focus on performance and durability.

What's the best way to store AFL uniforms?

Store them in a cool, dry place, and hang them to prevent wrinkles. Avoid damp areas to prevent mildew.

Are AFL uniforms for women?

Yes, there is a range of jerseys specifically designed for women, offering a more tailored fit to cater to female fans and players.

How do I choose the right size AFL jersey?

Refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer, considering chest and waist measurements for the best fit. Remember that fit can vary between brands and styles.

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