How to Clean Promotional Canvas Bags

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Promotional canvas bags are a great way to advertise and market your business. They can be used for giveaways, corporate events, or to show off your brand in general. However, these canvas bags can get dirty or stained after prolonged use and need to be properly cleaned. Cleaning promotional canvas bags can be a daunting task, but with the right methods, it can be simple and hassle-free. Here is how you should go about cleaning your promotional canvas bags:

Key Takeaways

  • Before cleaning promotional canvas bags, gather a damp cloth or sponge, mild detergent, lint-free cloths or towels and access to clean water.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner (or other supplies) remove dirt particles resting on the fabric's surface before washing with a mild detergent solution.
  • After washing, rinse and dry the bag with a damp cloth and lint-free towels. To care for leather sections, apply some quality leather conditioner using either cotton balls or wipes suggested by the manufacturer.

Gather Your Supplies

Before cleaning your promotional canvas bag, you should gather all the necessary supplies, such as a damp cloth or sponge, mild detergent (preferably one specifically designed for fabric or upholstery cleaning), lint-free cloths or towels and access to clean water. Furthermore, if the bag has leather trimmings, you’ll also need some leather conditioner and wipes.

Preparing the Bag

If there is any detachable trim (such as straps etc.), remove them and set them aside before beginning the cleaning process. If there are any zips on the bag, make sure they are closed so they don’t get wet when you’re working with water. Additionally, place an old towel beneath the bag to help absorb excess liquid whilst cleaning and prevent it from seeping into other parts of the bag (or onto surfaces).


Using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment is usually the best way to get rid of dirt particles resting on the fabric's surface (you can also use a sticky lint roller or cloth tape if needed). Just gently move over he material with either of these supplies until all visible dirt particles have been removed.

Washing By Hand

Create a solution by mixing some mild detergent in warm water according to the instructions given on its label. Using a damp cloth or sponge, lightly dip it into this soapy solution and begin gently wiping down sections of your promotional canvas bag. Make sure not to oversaturate either side of the fabric (too much moisture could cause shrinkage), and keep going until both sides appear clean without leaving any residue behind. Once done, rinse off your cloth/sponge in a separate bowl/container filled with fresh water before continuing on to other sections of your bag which need cleaning attention.

Rinsing & Drying

After all surface areas appear clean, take another damp cloth dipped in fresh water and wipe down each area again, thoroughly rinsing away any leftover traces of detergent that may remain on fabric surfaces or between seams/stitching lines etc. Thoroughly pat dry each area afterwards using lint-free towels until no more moisture remains present on fabric surfaces before leaving the entire item out to air dry naturally at room temperature (avoid doing so close to direct heat sources such as radiators etc.).

Finishing Touches - Leather Sections

If there happen to be any leather areas present on your promotional canvas bag, then treat accordingly via applying some quality leather conditioner directly onto the surrounding material section using either cotton balls or wipes suggested for use when caring for such type fabrics by the manufacturer itself, dependent upon the product. Finally, rub in evenly until a satisfactory finish is achieved without leaving behind a greasy residue.

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