How to Create Promotional Bottles

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Let me share with you a story about my friend, Anna. She's a fitness enthusiast who takes her reusable water bottle wherever she goes. One day, we were attending a fitness event when someone approached us and handed Anna a customised bottle with her name on it. It was sleek and stylish, making it her instant favourite. From that day on, Anna used her personalised bottle every day - at work, during workouts or even just running errands. This made me realise how effective promotional bottles can be in promoting one's brand while catering to people's practical needs.

1. Creative customisation promotes brand.
2. Eye-catching design appeals to customers.
3. Careful consideration of size/form is essential.

Designing Effective Promotional Bottles
Key Design Elements

The visual appeal of customised water bottles is the bread and butter of promotional merchandise. Here are some tips on design elements that can make your promotional bottle stand out:

  • Colours - Choose colours that resonate with your brand and use them strategically to differentiate your products from competitors.
  • Logos - Make sure logos are clear and visible; consider using different logo sizes for various types of containers.
  • Text – Keep descriptions minimalistic yet powerful!
  • Illustrations – Illustrations should reflect your branding inspirations while being eye-catching enough to draw attention through any crowd

Shape & Size Selection

Crucial element considerations relevant when designing bespoke branded bottled merchandising regarding size/form selections consequently gives further product purchase opportunities!

  • Size Consideration - Different demographics have varying expectations around size preferences, so shape and size must be aligned with target user needs!
  • Product Usage - Consider what purposes will the bottle serve (gym, cycling or a regular commute) this helps ensure comfort when using these items throughout various activities.
  • Shape Selection - Ergonomic shapes bring excellent handling, comfort combined with graceful design appeal regardless of bottle type.

Collaroy Rugby Club Success Story

Let me tell you about Collaroy Rugby Club, a local sports team that used promotional bottles to their advantage. They were looking for practical merchandise that their players could use during busy training sessions. Instead of settling for plain and boring bottles, they decided to invest in premium customised water bottles with the club's logo on it.

The results were impressive - not only did the players love them, but the fans did too! The customisation was taken up a notch when each player's name was imprinted onto the bottle itself, creating a sense of unity among the team members. Soon enough, everyone wanted one – both players and fans alike - all with excitement taking hold on game day like never before!

Before long, people from outside the club started noticing these unique and stylish bottles during games leading towards exploding market penetration where entire crowds at matches started purchasing them as well as promoting it on social media- Collaroy Rugby Club became known not just for its fantastic playing skills but also for its trendy merchandising campaign featuring top-grade personalised promotional items available to all ages!

Overall Thoughts

Get your brand in front of your customers with custom branded water bottles. These bottles are a great way to show off your creativity, while remaining true to your branding. Choose the perfect materials, shapes and sizes that will help you stand out from the crowd and keep your marketing fresh. You'll build strong relationships with loyal fans who will love using these stylish bottles in their day-to-day life. Keep cool and hydrated while keeping up with current trends, all while showing off your Aussie-class!

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Jasmine Liu

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