Spring Water and Distilled Water, what's the difference?

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Have you ever come across labels on promotional bottled water that say "spring water" or "distilled water" and wondered what the difference between the two is? You're not alone. If you are just glancing at a bottle of water, it's almost impossible to tell whether it contains spring water or distilled water, so are they significantly different at all?

Despite looking similar, there is a sizable contrast between spring and distilled water and how they reach the bottling stage. Here at Cubic Promote, we have decades of experience selling bottled water, so we decided to break down the difference between spring and distilled water once and for all.

Three bottles of custom branded spring water

Spring Water

Spring water is sourced from natural springs (new surface water that comes directly from groundwater sources) in the environment, which gives it a fresh, crisp taste that consumers covet. In addition, because spring water comes straight from the source, it contains all sorts of natural minerals and electrolytes, making it an excellent way for people to e

njoy their daily mineral intake.

Springwater sources must meet Australian standards for human consumption before they can be used for bottled water. Hence, not just anyone can find a natural water source and start bottling their water out the back to make a quick buck. Water providers must meet perimeters regarding pollution and naturally occurring elements like bacteria before a source will be considered for use in spring water bottling.

Two bottles of spring water supplied by cubic  promote

Distilled Water

Distilled water comes from various community sources before being put through a high-grade, steam-distilling process to remove harmful contaminants (like bacteria). The resulting water has a mild taste, perfect for serving chilled on a hot day.

While distilled water is a great choice, some people prefer springwater over distilled water purely based on the flavour. Because spring water doesn't go through a distillation process to remove contaminants, it retains all its natural flavours and minerals, which are stripped when distilled water is refined. However, distilled water is a better choice for anyone watching their salt intake, and it is a more cost-effective option than spring water for large-scale events.

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Which Type of Water Should You Choose?

While some will argue you can't beat the price tag of distilled water, and others will suggest that the taste and overall mouthfeel of spring water are superior, ultimately, they are both water, and which one is right for you will be subjective.

All the water sold by Cubic Promote comes from HACCP-certified factories, and we are dedicated to providing only the highest-quality water to our customers. If you'd like to sample our water options or want to discuss whether spring or distilled water might be right for your event or campaign, then speak to our experienced team today, and we can help you find the perfect promotional drink bottles to match your expectations.

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