Custom Jackets: Versatile & Stylish

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When it comes to corporate branding, Aussie businesses gotta think outside the box and get a bit more creative. Nowadays, personalised merchandise is key for any marketing and promotion strategy - from custom-made pens all the way down to promotional rain jackets! Coffee mugs and tote bags as freebies are so last year mate, but branded rain jackets are functional AND stylish! That's why Cubic Promote is here to tell ya that getting your business logo on some quality waterproofs is crucial for making a splash in the biz world.

custom light blue rain jacket

  • Personalized promotional rain jackets offer creative branding opportunities, increasing brand recognition and visibility for Aussie businesses.
  • These jackets are versatile, stylish, and practical, making them an ideal choice for employee engagement activities and event sponsorships.
  • Cubic Promote provides quality waterproof gear tailored to your company's needs, helping to enhance your brand image and work culture.

Branded rain jackets offer exceptional strength as well as style, enabling modern companies operating across sectors from law-firms professional services providers alike an opportunity easily reinforce their ethos via corporate wear. By showing leadership by example i.e., themselves wearing these quality jackets featuring a company logo, businesses will promote brand recognition & raise awareness amongst potential customers without any verbal cues. No wonder they’re called “walking billboards.”


Rain jackets have become a fashion statement in themselves today. With various patterns, colours, fabrics and styles available on store shelves- the options seem limitless! And what could be better than slipping into one that features your brand name or logo across it? It makes not only for a fashionable clothing item but also promotes the company's brand values without relying solely on traditional advertising styles. Promotional jackets are versatile because they serve multiple purposes, including:

  • Brand Exposure: Customized jackets with a company's logo and colors increase brand visibility, making them an effective marketing tool.

  • Functionality: High-quality jackets provide protection from various weather conditions, ensuring comfort and safety for employees or event attendees.

  • Style: Promotional jackets come in various designs, materials, and colors, allowing companies to create a unique and stylish corporate wear that aligns with their brand identity.

  • Employee Engagement: Custom jackets can foster a sense of unity and pride among team members, boosting morale and productivity.

  • Event Sponsorship: Branded jackets can be used during events or sponsorships, showcasing the company's support while increasing brand awareness in different settings.


Corporate firms incorporate several employee engagement activities from professional development to team outings. However, how about something more basic such as helping employees during monsoons? A good quality shirt paired with formal pants can look smart. But, dressing for rainy weather in them would end in disaster! Investing in branded waterproof jackets for employees is a thoughtful gesture while keeping them high functioning will help keep things stylish whilst being practical. Promotional jackets are stylish because they offer:

  • Customization: Companies can personalize the design, colors, and materials of the jackets to align with their brand identity and create a unique, eye-catching look.

  • Variety: Promotional jackets come in various styles, from casual hoodies to professional softshell jackets, allowing businesses to choose the perfect fit for their target audience and desired image.

  • Quality: High-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that promotional jackets not only look good but also feel comfortable and durable, enhancing the overall appeal.

  • Fashionable Features: Many promotional jackets incorporate trendy design elements, such as bold patterns, contrasting colors, or innovative fabrics, making them an appealing choice for contemporary corporate wear.

  • Cohesive Branding: Stylish jackets can help create a consistent and sophisticated brand image when combined with other branded apparel or accessories, contributing to a professional and polished appearance.

By offering customization options, variety, and fashionable features, promotional jackets enable businesses to create stylish and attractive corporate wear that reflects their brand's unique personality.

Unleashing Brand Potential

An innovative startup approached Cubic Promote with the goal of enhancing their brand recognition and team spirit. The client envisioned promotional jackets that would not only be distinctive and stylish but also practical for their employees. After working closely with the client, Cubic Promote designed custom jackets that seamlessly combined the company's unique branding elements with high-quality materials and comfort. The new promotional jackets exceeded expectations, boosting brand visibility and fostering a sense of unity among employees. This successful collaboration showcases the transformative power of personalized apparel in elevating a company's image while cultivating a strong team culture.


Alright, there ya go - our guide to why chucking some dosh at promotional rain jackets might be a savvy move for your company. Corporate clobber ain't just about the threads on your back; custom bricked gear can raise awareness of your team's values and motto in one fell swoop. So sink your teeth into making personalised waterproof kit a key factor in sharing the love for ya work culture too!

Get in touch with us at Cubic Promote, mate! As experienced suppliers who get the true value of these items, we're keen to help grow your company down under. Give us a holla and let's work together to promote your business with some ripper promotional rain jackets!

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