5 Benefits of Sticky Notes in Classroom Teaching Strategies

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Sticky notes have become an indispensable tool for students and teachers in the classroom. Whether they are used to jot down ideas or to remind students of imminent deadlines, sticky notes provide a unique set of benefits that make them invaluable in the classroom. In this article, we will explore the five main benefits that sticky notes offer when it comes to classroom teaching strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Sticky notes provide an invaluable organizational tool to structure classroom tasks and responsibilities amongst students.
  • Sticky notes are versatile highlighting tools that can draw attention to important concepts and key terms in a lesson plan.
  • Sticky notes can be used as personal note-taking aids and discreet reminders for special needs during exams or instruction periods.

Organization and Structure

One of the most obvious benefits of using promotional sticky notes in the classroom is their ability to help create organization and structure among students. By using sticky notes, teachers can easily assign tasks to individual students, ensuring that tasks are divided up evenly and each student gets an equitable share of responsibility. Furthermore, when a teacher writes out several different tasks on individual sticky notes, it allows for greater clarity by separating one task from another—a simple but effective organizational tool in any learning environment.

Highlighting Important Ideas

Another major benefit of using sticky notes is their versatility as a highlighting tool. A teacher can draw attention to important concepts, key terms or definitions simply by writing them down on separate sticky notes and placing them in prominent locations throughout a lesson or instruction period. This provides visual cues that alert students to important points and can be especially helpful for visual learners who require additional stimulation to absorb new information efficiently.

Memory Prompts & Note Taking Assistance

Sticky notes can also be beneficial for students who struggle with memory recall or who need assistance with taking good quality notes during class lectures or discussions. Students can use their own stickies as personal note-taking tools, writing down key points from lectures which will act as reminders later when studying for tests and exams. Additionally, teachers can use reminder sticky-notes as memory prompts for specific topics related to a particular lesson plan so that nothing slips through the cracks unconsciously during instruction time.

List Making Made Easier

List making is often used as an effective teaching strategy where lists help demonstrate concepts visually through simple bullet points written on pieces of paper which are then shared among groups of students working together collaboratively on assignments or projects.

Sticky-notes offer similar benefits without the hassle usually involved in transferring information onto large pieces of paper which may take up valuable space in smaller bedrooms where group sessions take place regularly. Instead, lists can easily be written directly onto smaller sections of adhesive paper which can then be moved around freely while providing enough room for student collaboration at each desk simultaneously.

Discreet Reminders

Finally, if there’s anything more annoying than forgetting something important then it’s being reminded about it constantly! But this issue is easily overcome with the use of discreetly placed “reminder-stickers” strategically scattered amongst desks or whiteboards where they are less likely to attract unwanted attention yet still provide much needed reminders at crucial times during instruction periods or even exams!

For example; if a student has been given extra time on an exam due to special needs requirements then having brightly colored reminder-stickers placed discretely around their work area will ensure they don’t forget about their extended time allowance during moments when pressure levels begin increasing towards climax!


These five main benefits demonstrate just how invaluable sticky-notes really are within classrooms around the world today! They provide structure for organization; aid with note-taking; simplify list making; highlight important ideas and finally deliver discreet reminders at crucial times - all within one small package!

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