7 Clever Ways to Organise with Promotional Sticky Notes

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Organising with sticky notes is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to keep track of important tasks and information. Promotional sticky notes are particularly useful as they can be used to promote your brand or message. In this article, we will explore seven clever ways to organise with custom sticky notes.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Promotional sticky notes are a great way to keep track of important tasks, create calendars/deadlines, and labels for contacts and business cards.
  2. Coloured sticky notes are useful for marking pages in books/reports and brightening up your workspace with reminders.
  3. Lastly, they’re perfect for creating meal plans and sharing important information at work or school.

Top 7 Ways To Organise Using Promotional Sticky Notes

Keep Track of To-Do Lists

One of the best uses for personalised sticky notes is to create a simple To-Do list to keep track of tasks that need completing. They are perfect for jotting down small tasks such as paying bills or completing paperwork. Stick them in places you can easily spot like your computer monitor, the fridge door, or even on your desk chair!

Create A Calendar/Deadlines

Customised sticky notes are great for reminding yourself (or others) of upcoming events, deadlines or special occasions. Colour coding each calendar event helps you remember what each colour represents; for example green could be birthdays and blue could be important deadlines. Place them anywhere you’ll see often throughout the day such as the dashboard of your car or the wall above your desk to help stay focused and motivated!

Label Your Contacts & Business Cards

Pinning an address label onto business cards and contacts may seem tedious but it really helps when trying to search through piles of paper quickly. You could also stick them on envelopes so you know where they go if there’s lots coming in from different sources/clients – it’ll definitely save time!

Mark Important Pages In Books/Reports

Sticky notes make excellent bookmarks - use them for marking pages in reports, books and magazines rather than folding over pages which causes creasing and makes bigger messes in the long run! Attaching a page number on each sticky note will help identify which page needs revisiting quickly and easily.

Brighten Up Your Workspace with Coloured Sticky Notes & Reminders

Add some colour to your workspace by using brightly coloured pieces of paper and fun doodles! Stick reminder messages in places you can easily spot like on top of your laptop or above eye level where they won’t get missed out - it adds some positive vibes as well as brightening up corner spaces too!

Create A Meal Planner For The Week Ahead

Planning meals ahead will save time, energy, money and stress throughout the week - write down ingredients needed for each recipe on separate coloured sheets depending on what meal they relate too (breakfast, lunch etc) making sure there is enough food for everyone at home. This way any last minute plans are sorted faster instead stressing about running out of food mid-week rush!

Share Important Information At Work Or School

For those days when things get a bit hectic at work/school – grab some colourful sticky notes plug them up somewhere visible such as walls or desks – this way everyone stays in sync even when things start getting overwhelming. Use these sheets either company procedures/guidelines that every team member must follow; announcements (e.g., staff meeting times); updates; or reminders (e.g., safety tips).

Tips for Using Custom Sticky Notes Effectively

1. Make sure to keep track of your tasks and deadlines by making lists and sticking them up in highly visible places like computer monitors, fridge doors, or desk chairs.

2. Colour coding each calendar event with different colours helps you remember what each colour represents for different events, tasks, etc.

3. Stick labels on business cards and contacts so that they can be identified quickly when searching through piles of paper or envelopes containing mail from multiple sources/clients.

4. Use sticky notes as bookmarks instead of folding pages - this prevents creasing and makes the task more manageable overall!

5. Create a meal planner using separate coloured sheets depending on the type of meal (breakfast, lunch, etc.) to make last-minute plans easier without any stress involved during the week rush!

6. Place reminders anywhere visible such as walls or desks because it's easy to forget important information at work/school when things get busy – it allows everyone in a team/group to stay in sync even during hectic times!

7. Branded sticky notes are great for jotting down small tasks such as paying bills or completing paperwork quickly & efficiently; plus adding some fun doodles is always a bonus too!


Promotional sticky notes offer an easy way to stay organised no matter if you’re working alone or with others - all it takes is a few minutes planning out how & what should be written within the sheets whether it's shopping lists & memos – anything else gets scribbled down fast & sticks until you decide when it can be removed again!

7 Clever Ways to Organise with Promotional Sticky Notes

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