7 Common Promotional Product Buying Mistakes

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Promotional merchandise is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, reward loyal customers and promote new products or services. However, it’s important for companies to avoid common mistakes that can negatively impact their efforts. In this article, we’ll discuss seven common promotional product buying mistakes and offer some tips on how to avoid them.

Key Takeaways

  • Defining your goals should always come first. Before you can select items, it's crucial to identify what exactly you want to achieve with your promotion.
  • While budget is important, focusing solely on price may lead you astray. Consider other important factors like quality, relevance and usefulness alongside costs when selecting promotional items.
  • Always remember: Quality control checks are must-haves before finalizing any purchase! This ensures that each item meets standards set by the manufacturer while reflecting positively on your brand identity.

Common Promotional Product Buying Mistakes

Not Defining Your Goals

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when purchasing promotional products is not defining their goals before they start shopping around. It's essential to identify what you want to achieve with your promotion before you begin selecting items. Are you looking to boost sales? Raise awareness about a new product or service? Knowing your goals will help ensure you choose the right items and target the proper audience.

Focusing Too Much on Price

Another mistake businesses make is focusing solely on price instead of considering quality, usefulness and relevance when selecting promotional items within their budget range. While staying within your budget is crucial, choosing low-quality items may reflect poorly on your brand and may not be well-received by recipients.

Not Considering Your Audience

When choosing promotional products as part of advertising campaigns appeal should be considered at first place rather than random selection which might lead nowhere since those receiving such item have no use for it in most cases so consider who will be getting these gifts—is there something they would appreciate?

Choosing Items That Don't Reflect Your Brand Identity

It’s essential that every aspect of a business reflects its unique branding identity including any kind promotions made through distribution of merchandise . Brands must know what message they are trying convey; therefore focus points should align with set strategy messages ensuring every detail resonates with the messaging portrayed overall by company..

Ordering Too Few (or Too Many) Items

Knowing an appropriate order amount requires understanding how many people need merchandise along with estimated timeline associated—in other words anticipating demand forecast aligned with business strategy; promotional campaigns and their goals within given period.


Rushing through the process of selecting promotional products can lead to poor decisions during ordering or printing. It's important for businesses to take adequate time researching options, identifying goals, considering audience needs and checking details before finalizing orders.

Ignoring Quality Control

Quality control should never be ignored when ordering promotional products. Companies need to ensure each item meets quality standards set by manufacturers while confirming print accuracy with different colour variations if applicable .


To summarize it all a comprehensive approach is required for successful promotions using proper research that aligns with branding guidelines. Take time to plan your promotion well in advance allowing ample brainstorming opportunities looking at every aspect of campaign starting from defined objectives till selection of merchandise, reviewing quality metrics metrics then seasonal trends later on monitoring progress quarterly/yearly.

Avoid mistakes such as not defining goals initially or rushing purchasing processes so you avoid negative impact these small errors may have down line eventually leading being seen as unreliable!

Common Promotional Product Buying Mistakes

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