Promotional Umbrellas: Unbeatable Benefits

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Have you ever been caught in a rainy situation without an umbrella handy? I can tell ya, it's not a pleasant experience. But what if that problem could be solved while also promoting your brand? That's where promotional umbrellas come in - they're the ultimate marketing tool for businesses looking to make maximum impact and get their name out there.

So let me take ya on a journey of the top 5 benefits of using promotional umbrellas for brand promotion. From cost-effective advertising to business exposure rain or shine - we've got ya covered (literally!).

1. Cost-effective advertising tool.
2. Useful and highly visible gift.
3. Versatile and increase brand recognition.

 Promotional Umbrellas: Top Benefits for Brand Promotion


Let's face it - most advertising mediums require significant budget allocation. TV commercials, billboards, and radio ads are all costly expenses that might not even reach the right target audience. But with customised umbrellas, you'll get more bang for your buck because of their extended use by owners over time which maximises ROI.

High Visibility Advertising Space

Branded promos such as customised umbrellas offer high visibility advertising space because they provide maximum exposure while being useful gifts customers will use regularly. This is especially true if you choose a brightly coloured umbrella with bold screen printing design which will stand out from a specific distance.

Versatile Brand Recognition

Promotional umbrellas offer versatile brand recognition opportunities because they can be used by a variety of people in different locations, allowing for greater exposure. Here's why:

  • They can be used by office workers, travellers, or anyone caught in the rain.
  • Promotional umbrellas are portable which means people take them with them wherever they go.
  • They're especially useful at outdoor events like concerts or sports matches where there is no cover available.
  • Branded umbrellas help promote your brand when users share photos on social media with their followers.

By using promotional umbrellas as part of your marketing strategy, you're not limited to one specific location or demographic. You'll increase brand visibility among a broad audience that spans geographical areas and market segments.

The Wood & Co Coffee Success Story

Let me tell you a little story of how promotional umbrellas helped boost sales for one Aussie business. The blokes at Wood & Co Coffee wanted to find new leads in unexplored regions but most of their customers only came from one area far away from other potential markets.

So, they jumped on a sponsorship chance and got some sick custom-branded brollies for a charity race. They weren't just trying to keep people dry. They were also looking to spot some possible new business partnerships along the way! And they did! With no idea who was attending the event, Wood & Co's branding strategy had already yielded results.

They gave out free hot drinks to competitors and handed out over 100 promo brollies with recognisable branding. Plus, they offered a chance to claim another coffee by filling up a feedback form. As racers moved around other venues after the race, it created awareness in previously untapped markets which eventually led to stronger relationships and boosted sales for Wood & Co. Bloody ripper of an outcome!

In Summary

Promo products like customised brollies are often brushed aside but can have significant impacts on boosting brand recognition.The benefits of using promotional umbrellas include cost-effectiveness compared to other ads, high visibility advertising space that stands out in the crowd, rain or shine exposure opportunities owing Australia’s climate condition as well as versatility beyond your location due user mobility.

And if you still need convincing – just remember what happened with those blokes at Wood & Co Coffee! So chuck one in your marketing mix and watch it work wonders – you never know, a little item can make all the difference!

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David De Mulder

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