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Promotional Pins & Badges

Cubic Promote offers a vast selection of custom pin badges, expertly crafted with your graphics, logo, or detailed business and employee information. These items serve as effective and cost-efficient promotional tools, ideal for raising awareness for causes or showcasing your corporate identity. From corporate events to business uniforms, personalised badges help solidify your organisation's image. Our diverse range of badge shapes, sizes, and styles, coupled with the option for custom lapel pins, ensures your brand's vision is perfectly captured and displayed.

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State-of-the-Art Embossing and Printing for Personalised Badges

Utilising advanced branding technologies, Cubic Promote's team embosses and digitally prints your promotional badges Australia to achieve a high-impact visual appeal. Opt for our vibrant, digitally printed button custom badges that come with an exclusive full lifetime warranty, or select custom lapel pins embossed in multiple colours, ensuring lasting awareness for your cause or brand. Regardless of your choice, expect impeccable quality and bright colours backed by our comprehensive guarantee.

Preview Your Custom Pin Badges and Pins with Our Mock-Ups

Imagine the impact of your branding as our talented graphic design team provides a digital preview of your customised badges and pins. This complimentary mock-up service is designed to give you a tangible concept of the final product—your personalised badges or custom lapel pins—before you proceed with your order.

Evaluate the Craftsmanship with Physical Samples of Custom Pin Badges

Discover the quality of our promotional badges Australia firsthand by requesting non-branded samples. For just the cost of delivery, you can examine the materials and artistry, ensuring the customised badges meet your standards for excellence before placing a bulk order.

Complete Confidence with Pre-Production Samples of Promotional Badges Australia

We value your trust and satisfaction, which is why we offer pre-production samples of your selected custom badges and pins. For a nominal fee that includes all aspects from production to delivery, you can evaluate and give the green light to your customised design, ensuring it fully meets your expectations before the full production begins.

Expertise in Artwork for Precision Branding on Custom Pin Badges

For the most detailed and vibrant representation of your brand on your custom badges and pins, we recommend supplying your logo in a vector format, such as EPS or AI from Adobe Illustrator. While Adobe PDFs with vector paths are also acceptable, we advise against using PDFs created from lower-resolution JPGs. If your logo is in less ideal formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, or similar, our adept design team is prepared to recreate your image for an additional fee, guaranteeing a professional and crisp finish.

Fast National Delivery of Custom Lapel Pins

Based in Australia, Cubic Promote is well-positioned to rapidly dispatch your branded pins and badges, typically within a two-week delivery timeframe from order placement. Should you need custom lapel pins or badges even sooner, our dedicated service and art teams are ready to facilitate express production and delivery options.

What are Pins and Badges?

Pins and badges are compact, wearable accessories designed to convey messages or show support for an organisation or cause. While badges often adopt a circular shape, they can vary in form and size. Pins, more ornamental in nature, serve beyond advertising purposes, often worn as fashion statements.

With their affordability, lightweight design, and popularity, promotional badges Australia are frequently used to highlight significant campaigns or function as stylish accessories, capable of showcasing any design imaginable.

Tailored Custom Badges for Every Australian Organisation

Whether you're representing a legacy organisation, or a small business aiming to promote a mascot or slogan, our customised badges are designed to meet your specific needs, including budget, materials, colours, and sizes. Custom badges and custom lapel pins from Cubic Promote serve as versatile branding tools for a variety of promotional occasions:

  • Corporate Conferences and Networking Events
  • Trade Shows and Expos
  • Educational Institutions and Alumni Events
  • Nonprofit and Fundraising Campaigns
  • Employee Recognition and Milestone Celebrations
  • Sports Teams and Clubs
  • Retail Promotions and Product Launches
  • Cultural Festivals and Community Gatherings
  • Hospitality and Service Industry
  • Artists and Band Merchandise
  • Weddings and Family Reunions
  • Local Government and Civic Campaigns
  • Travel and Tourism

Engage with our team to discover which custom badges or custom lapel pins in Australia will best serve your campaign or customer base.

FAQs for Promotional Badges Australia

Can I order custom badges and custom pins Australia in special shapes?

Yes, we offer custom badges that can be shaped to suit your brand or campaign. From stars to hearts or any unique contour, we can tailor-make personalised badges to your specifications.

Are there eco-friendly options for customised badges and custom pins Australia?

Indeed, we are committed to sustainability and offer personalised badges and custom pins Australia made from eco-friendly materials. Connect with us to explore our range of green options.

What kind of backing options are available for custom pins Australia?

Our custom lapel pins come with various backing options to suit different preferences, including traditional butterfly clutches, magnetic backings for easy attachment without piercing fabric, or safety pin-style backings for a secure hold.

Can promotional badges Australia and custom pin badges be designed with safety features for children?

Yes, we offer child-friendly options for our custom badges and pins. These come with safety closures that prevent accidental pricks or injuries, making them suitable for school events, children’s workshops, or any promotional activities involving younger participants.

How long does the enamel on custom lapel pins last?

Our custom lapel pins and badges are made with high-quality materials and enamels designed for durability. The enamel on these personalised badges is long-lasting and resistant to fading, ensuring your brand or message remains vibrant with regular use over time.

Why Choose Cubic Promote for Your Promotional Badges Australia?

In the vibrant world of promotional merchandise, customised badges and custom pins Australia are a powerful choice for broadening your brand's visibility. Ideal for conferences, community events, or as sophisticated corporate tokens, Cubic Promote offers a wide selection of custom pin badges, each poised for customisation with your unique branding.

Opting for Cubic Promote for your customised badges and custom lapel pins ensures that your logo receives the attention it deserves, whether it's adorning the lapels at formal gatherings, accessorising everyday attire, or serving as a memento for special occasions. Embark on your branding venture with our premium custom badges and pins, presented with transparent pricing in Australian dollars, GST exclusive, and poised to become a distinguished emblem of your brand's identity.

Product and Quality Assurance

Cubic Promote is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of service. If your custom badges and custom pins Australia do not meet your expectations or arrive with defects, we will replace them without additional charges. Our commitment to excellence extends throughout our customisation process—if any print quality issues arise with your personalised badges and pins, our dedicated customer service team is ready to address and resolve them swiftly.

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