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Promotional Pins & Badges

Buy promotional pins and badges customised with your logo. We are the leading supplier of wholesale bulk promotional pins and badges in Australia. Our promotional pins and badges are ideal for business uniforms, schools, and corporate events. 

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Why Purchase Promotional Pins and Badges?

Promotional pins and badges, as well as badge holders, are great tools for boosting your brand visibility. Badges and pins are affordable, customisable, and can be worn by everyone, making your brand a walking advertisement. Great for event giveaways or as collectibles, these pins and badges keep your brand’s message in the public eye.


Can I order promotional badges and pins in special shapes?

Yes, we offer custom badges that can be shaped to suit your brand or campaign. Contact our expert sales team for more information. 

Are there eco-friendly options for promotional pins and badges?

Yes, we offer personalised badges and custom pins Australia made from eco-friendly materials. Connect with us to explore our range of eco-friendly options.

What kind of backing options are available for your pins and badges?

Our promotional badges and pins come with various backing options to suit different needs, including traditional butterfly clutches, magnetic backings for easy attachment without piercing fabric, or safety pin-style backings for a secure hold.

Are there child-safety options for your promotional pins and badges?

Yes, we offer child-friendly options for our promotional badges and pins. These come with safety closures that prevent accidental pricks or injuries, making them suitable for school events, children’s workshops, or any promotional activities involving younger participants.

How long does the enamel on your promotional pins and badges last?

Our custom pins and badges are made with high-quality materials and enamels designed for durability. The enamel on these personalised badges is long-lasting and resistant to fading, ensuring your logo remains vibrant for a long time.

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