Premium Double Side Banners 1x2.2metres

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The Premium Double Sided Banner have either a black or silver base. All of the flags come with a hard case. Products origin is in Australia. The banners are for people in the country Australia, and therefore shipping is only to residents of Australia. The amount of time is one week to produce merchandise for customer. The customer can decide what they like best. Samples are there for anyone who wants to see the result before buying.

Vibrant Prints of your Graphics or Logos

This is a premium banner and will easily provide you with years of service, providing that it is well cared for. The structure of the banner is very durable. The actual printed material on the banner can be easily swapped if you needed a new design or graphic to be displayed.

Buy Premium Banners Personalised

Full customized entire color printing is available. The design is up to you. The price does not include GST and delivery. A reliable worthwhile product to own and have.

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