The Difference Between Beach Mats & Picnic Blankets

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When you head down to Bondi Beach next, it might be tempting to grab your picnic blanket and go, but did you know that picnic rugs and beach mats aren't actually the same thing? There are some significant differences between the two products, which means if you're an avid beach-goer, whether you're at Portsea or the Gold Coast, a beach mat might be pme of the best promotional products you can invest in!

Why use a mat or rug at the beach anyway?

If you've ever been to a beach in Australia, you don't need the Cubic Promote team to tell you that the sand gets HOT. Like, absurdly hot to the point where it can cause severe burns to the human skin if it comes into direct contact with a hot enough patch of sand. That's why most Aussies who appreciate a beach trip also like to have something to lay down on the beach to sit on, whether that be a fold-out chair or a towel.

Promotional mats or rugs are popular for comfort and safety when sitting on a hot beach because they offer protection from the sand while also folding up into a very compact and lightweight form, unlike a lot of folding furniture. Rugs and mats also have the advantage of being easily washable, so a quick wipe-down or wash will remove any remaining sand particles if you find any lingering sand on them.

Our clients have told us they find mats and rugs the best option for beach seating in terms of price and practicality compared to alternative products; frankly, we see their appeal!

Red Beach Mat Folded Up With Logo Print

What makes a beach mat different to a picnic blanket?

While you could probably take your favourite picnic blanket down to the beach and lay it on the sand, we'd recommend against this because there's a fundamental difference between how beach mats and picnic rugs are made, and it comes down to their intended usage. When people use picnic blankets, they're usually on firm ground (in a park, on a hill, etc.).

So the top side of picnic blankets features thickly woven blanket fabric intended to have a cushioning effect when you sit down on it. Meanwhile, beach mats are intended for use on the sand, which is soft and reasonably comfortable to sit on. So beach mats have a much thinner top layer of fabric that offers minimal soft blanketing to ensure sand doesn't get trapped in all the fibres.

The long and short of it is this: picnic rugs are meant to be softer and thicker for use on firmer ground, but they're not ideal for use on the soft sands of the beach. The reverse is also true; if you're hoping for a relaxing picnic, you won't want a thin beach mat underneath you because you need more cushioning on the rugged park or bush soil than a mat intended to protect you from hot sand can offer. So while you can take a picnic rug down to the beach or a beach mat up to your favourite camping spot, the comfort levels won't be the same!

Blue Picnic Blanket Open on Floor Red Beach Mat Open on Floor

Which blanket should I use for my marketing merchandise?

When selecting a picnic rug vs. a beach mat, one of the first things to consider is whether your recipients want a blanket for the beach or the wilderness. For example, a beach mat might be the obvious choice if you're promoting your brand over the summer or trying to drum up interest in your surf shop. On the other hand, a picnic mat might be a better option if you're looking for something to sell at your outdoor concert or perhaps you're keen on an item ideal for all seasons.

Another thing to consider is price; while most beach mats have a similar price point and overall make, picnic blankets can vary significantly in quality and, thus, in price. So it's worth considering how much you'd like to invest in the products overall and whether you require a premium branding method like a digital transfer for embroidered logo vs. a standard screen or pad print.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of the main differences and similarities between picnic rugs and beach mats. If you'd like to know more about these or any other promotional products in Cubic Promote's local Australian range, please give our friendly team a call.

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