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Promotional Bic Pens

Buy BiC pens custom printed with your custom logo or graphic. These pens are synonymous with value for money and ease of use, which is why they make such great gifts for conferences, trade shows, and marketing events. We are Australia's number 1 supplier of promotional products. Choose Cubic Promote for the most competitive prices and unbeatable deals.

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About the Brand: BIC 

BIC is a globally recognised brand, famed for its dependable and cost-effective writing tools. Originating in France over 70 years ago, BIC pens have become synonymous with quality and ease of use. Today, it's a household name, loved for its smooth writing pens and classic design, which makes it a go-to choice for everyday writing needs.

Ideal Case Uses for Personalised BIC Pens

BIC pens are renowned for their reliability and versatility, making them suitable for a variety of uses:

  • Office Work: Ideal for note-taking, document signing, and daily office tasks.
  • Educational Settings: Perfect for students and teachers for writing notes, grading papers, and exams.
  • Home Use: Handy for making shopping lists, jotting down reminders, or managing household paperwork.
  • Promotional Items: Popular as branded giveaways due to their practicality and brand visibility.
  • Creative Projects: Suitable for sketching or journaling, offering smooth writing and consistent ink flow.

Explore our range of promotional pens that can be customised with your company logo or graphics. 

FAQs About Custom BIC Pens

  1. What makes BIC pens stand out from other pens?

    • They are known for their reliability, long-lasting ink, and comfortable design, making them a favourite worldwide.
  2. Are they available in different ink colours?

    • Yes, these products come in a variety of ink colours, including classic blue, black, red, and green.
  3. Are there different types of BIC pens available?

    • Yes, BIC offers a range of pen types including ballpoint, gel, and rollerball to suit different writing preferences.
  4. Do you store them locally in Australia?

    • Yes, our products are stocked locally in Australia, ensuring quick delivery for customers.

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