Lunch time is my favourite time of the day and has been since I was a kid! If you are like me you may have been using boring old plastic rectangle ones which will struggle to make even Michelin Star meals taste any good. This is why we decided to put a STOP to boring lunch boxes once and for all and decided to begin stocking some really cool alternatives. Here are some of the best ones we have come across so far.

Best Custom Brandable Lunch Boxes For Kids

thumb_tin lunch 1609

Lunch Boxes do not need to be plain. This tin made lunch box features extragent prints and cute motifs. School girls will go absolutely gaga over this.

thumb_paper bag lunch 1609

What is in the brown paper bag? A question I asked myself all the time when I was in high school. This retro bag is tear proof and insulates as well. It is literally a normal bag shaped in a brown paper bag!

thumb_silicone lunch box 1609

Made from Silicone this lunch box collapses down and expands. Perfect when you have a whole stack of books in your bag.

Best Custom Brandable Lunch Boxes for Gourmet Food

thumb_bento lunch 16093

Bentobox lunch packs. With seperate compartments now you can have your pasta dish nice and hot with a creamy sauce as well as a crisp salad with a mustard seed dressing.

thumb_bento lunch 1609 2

Just like the Bento box above but in a cylinder shape! Perfect for soups!

thumb_bento lunch 1609

A bento box style option complete with cutlery. We now carry this and you can buy your Bento style lunch box personalised with your branding here.

Promotional Lunch Bags for People Who Just Want to Look Cool

thumb_lunch bag 1609h

Salad lunch box. Simple and very stylish. You can buy your salad lunch box personalised with your logo here.

thumb_lunch bag 1609f

For the seriously hungry. These bags fold down into a retro looking bag.

thumb_lunch bag 1609b

Neoprene lunch bags. Look so good you can double them to use as handbags.

thumb_lunch bag 1609e

Built Bags with insulation.

Best for Sandwiches

thumb_lunch bag 1609d

Sandwich envelope.

thumb_sandwich box 1609a

Sandwich box and wrap. Fits 2 sandwiches.

thumb_sandwich box 1609

Sandwich box! Need I say anything else? Fits 2 sandwiches. Get your sandwich lunch box custom branded with your logo.

Finish Off Your Lunch With a Special Note

If you are packing for a child or for a loved one then you simply must complete the meal with a special note. Print these lunch tags off for free from the web from places such as these:

thumb_lunch tags 1609b thumb_lunch tags 1609