Advertising. It’s funny the lengths some companies will go to in order to make their product stand out. As far back as Ancient Egypt, advertising has been an important part of the business world by allowing products to compete with one another.

Promotional Items for Advertising

Here at Cubic Promote we are mad for all things advertising. Essentially, it is the backbone of the company itself. From business cards holders a to yo-yos and everything in-between, we can pretty much slap a logo on it and help companies compete among one another.

Customer Satisfaction is Key

But what would happen if we weren’t as good at what we do? Well to begin, total madness and chaos would erupt around us and the world would be doomed.

Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t be that dramatic but you get the idea. It is important customers understand what they are getting out of their product or service.

7 Hilarious Advertising Fails

Take a look below at these hilarious advertising fails! They are sure to give your afternoon an extra bit of LOL factor.

1. Perception

Either they used Photoshop or  teeny tiny children.

photoshop fail


2. Buzz? Are you okay? Weren't you in Toy Story?

Somebody must not have been paying attention to the Avengers. Buzz most definitely was not in the movie franchise.

toy story and avengers


3. McDonald are trying to combat obesity by scaring children away

The idea of a cute baby clown has backfired in this case -more creepy than cute.

mcdonalds clown


4. Expectations vs. Reality

What we think we look like when were playing vs. what we actually look like

photo shop fail

5. The resemblance is uncanny

Sure, it's not going to be identical but this!?

spongebob photo fail


6. Didn't we all learn about apples from Snow White?

Poison apples, evil step mother. Need I say more?

Apple and Snow white


7. Nothing says childhood immunity like a big bowl of sugar in the morning

This campaign was pulled from the shelf once San Francisco city attorney demanded proof of the immunity claims.

Kellogs photo

By Caitlin Wood

Originally seen on: http://diply.com/virginradiolebanon/article/when-advertising-failed-children/4