Motor vehicles are much more reliable than they were 20 years ago, however emergencies do happen and when they do, it is best to be prepared. Here I have compiled a list of 8 essential safety items that are essential for you to have in your vehicle as they may protect you from a dangerous situation.

1. Promotional products grab attention.
2. Stay safe with promotional emergency kits.
3. Personal safety shouldn't be neglected.


Car Emergency Promotional Items

Here are common but must-have emergency items for cars:

  • Emergency First Aid Kits - First aid kits are very affordable and to be honest they are rarely used. When there is an injury though, there is literally nothing more important (other than having communication established with a safety service) than an emergency kit. This is why our range of Promotional First Aid Kits have been such a hit with some of our clients.
  • Bottled Waters- These typically have an expiration date of 2 years. Other than providing hydration, promotional bottled waters are useful in refilling your vehicle's radiator or cleaning off oil on yourself or on your vehicle.
  • Flashlights - Do not rely on your Smartphone light. It is not bright enough and you will need to conserve your phone battery.
  • Power Banks - Having a spare battery for your phone is essential for you to communicate and to get help. (not to play Candy Crush though). Customised power banks are quite cheap nowadays. What is even more effective than having a phone recharge battery is having one that is high in capacity and strong enough to power up a vehicle's dead battery.
  • Snacks - Most snacks have an expiration date of a year.
  • Blankets - When the temperature suddenly drops, or if an occupant is injured a warm blanket will be useful.
  • Spare Tool Kits - Most vehicles will have a basic promotional tool kit. If not then you will need to get yourself a basic kit.
  • Night Time Visibility Beacons - The safety indicators on your car are important. However outside of your vehicle it would be wise to have safety beacons, triangles or cones. This is especially important on a busy street.

What do you think? May I have missed some other essential safety devices for your vehicle? Let us know via a social media channel of your choice on our website.

Why Invest In Personal Safety

Investing in personal safety should never be taken lightly. Whether it's car accidents or natural disasters, being prepared gives you peace of mind knowing that you're equipped with everything necessary to handle emergencies safely. Here are some benefits of investing in personal safety:

  • Saves lives - By having access to things like emergency kits or first aid supplies when needed most could mean the difference between life and death.
  • Reduces anxiety levels - You don't want yourself or your loved ones feeling worried about whether you'll be safe if something were to happen. Being prepared can reduce those anxieties greatly.
  • Minimises losses during an emergency – Good preparation means that individuals may experience less damage personally or financially during an emergency.

How Can We Help

So why should you go to Cubic Promote for your custom emergency car kits? Here are the reasons:

  • Branding: We know how important branding is to your business. That's why our team can help you choose the best product to promote your brand. With our extensive range of products, there’s always something perfect waiting for you.
  • Personalisation: One size doesn't fit all! Your organization is unique and so should be your promotional item choice to reach people perfectly! Customizing items will make them an even better reminder of who you are because they contain personal sentiment tailored particularly based on what suits the audience well which makes marketing more effective & efficient.
  • Attention-Grabbing Products: Are you tired of boring, generic giveaways that no one wants? At Cubic Promote, we specialize in creating attention-grabbing promotional items that people actually want to keep and use again and again.
  • Affordable Options: Staying prepared shouldn't break the bank! Our affordable options let small companies also participate in events within their range without compromising quality- quantity or creativity.


Therefore, it is essential to have a few safety items in your vehicle when you are traveling. Safety should never be taken for granted, and investing in personal safety ensures that you can handle emergencies safely without any worries. By having access to things like emergency kits, bottled water, flashlights, spare battery for your phone, snacks, blankets, spare tool kit and night time visibility beacons when needed most could mean the difference between life and death. At Cubic Promote we offer a wide range of promotional products that are tailored to meet different safety needs while promoting brand awareness among customers. You don't have to break the bank when investing in personal security since our affordable options ensure everyone can stay prepared without compromising quality or creativity.


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