It's that time of year again, the summer holidays are ending and kids are heading back to school in droves. One of the best ways to promote your school, university, or college in the new year is through promotional stationery that students will utilise at home and in the classroom. Cubic Promote has a huge range of custom products ideal for schools and their attendees alike.


  1. Promote your school with custom stationery.
  2. Personalise pencils, notebooks, pens, and highlighters.
  3. Contact Cubic Promote for pricing and samples.


back to school promotional stationery

Custom School Stationery Samples

Promotional Pencils

The perfect stationery item for young students looking to learn to draw or colour-in as well as older art students, pencils are the preferred primary school writing tool but they can work as gifts for all ages. For HB graphite ("lead") pencils we will individually engrave your school name or motto onto the side, but for packs of promotional colouring pencils, we will add a label to their box so you can gift them as a set to your new class or event attendees.

Custom Decorated Notebooks

Whether you're jotting down notations in a university lecture or taking down maths problems in your high school class, custom notebooks make handy gifts for anyone studying.


The Cubic Promote team can customise notebooks by simply printing your one-colour logo on the cover, or if you'd like something a bit more unique, we can also provide full-colour, custom-cover notebooks featuring perhaps an image of your campus or some student representatives. Have a look at our extensive range of logo printed notebooks here.

promotional eco student notebook

Personalised Pens for Study

Older students and teachers don't often use pencils for their everyday work as pens are better suited to adult note-taking. Cubic Promote boasts a large assortment of promotional pens & markers including basic plastic pens, quality metal pens, silly novelty pens, and even premium gifting pens (like Parker and Waterman brands).


Our metal pens come with unique laser etching of your design while our plastic pens look bold and colourful with logo printing on the side. You can see our entire range of promotional pens here. 

Logo Emblazoned Highlighters

Finally, who hasn't needed to highlight a paragraph over the years? For high school and uni students, highlighters can really aid in study by allowing you to clearly mark important passages for further study. Many high schools and universities buy bulk custom highlighters to gift to new students or those attending career fairs. Our team will print your logo onto all manner of colourful study aid highlighters making them ideal for use as marketing merchandise. 

Customise Stationery to Reflect Brand

One key aspect of promotional marketing is to create memorable products that have your brand in the forefront of the audience’s mind. With custom made stationery, you achieve this by putting your branding on everything and projecting the image of the school using your colours, logos, and brand message. Cubic Promote offers an extensive range of customizable stationery that can be tailored to the unique brand identity of your school. Here are 5 options for customising stationery:

  • Include your school's name, logo or mascot on the stationery.
  • Design custom cover pages with images of the school or school's landmarks to increase personalisation.
  • Utilise school colours to create visually appealing stationery sets.
  • Incorporate branding on both sides of promotional folders and conference bags to get an extended marketing benefit.
  • Use a custom-made box or packaging to hold the stationery and further enhance your brand image.


In conclusion, using promotional stationery is a great way to promote your school, university, or college. By customising items like pencils, notebooks, pens, and highlighters with your school's name, logo, and branding, you can create memorable products that keep your institution in the forefront of people's minds. Whether you're looking to attract new students or make a lasting impression at a conference, Cubic Promote offers a wide range of customizable options to suit your needs. So why not enhance your brand image and engage with your audience through personalised stationery? If you're still not sure what stationery your school or education conference may need, don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team for pricing, recommendations, and free samples!