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Build Trust Using Promotional Products

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Perhaps now with the prevalence of the Internet, it is more important than ever to foster trust in our stakeholder relationships. Whether it's with your staff, your shareholders, or your clients, trust goes a long way to building your business in both size and standing. So how do you use marketing merchandise to build trust? We've put together a short guide to get you started.

trust using promotional products

3) Know Your Recipient

The most important factor in using promotional products to market your brand is understanding who you're aiming to give them to. If you plan to hand a set of customised metal pens to your internal sales team, your motivation and even product pick are unlikely to be the same as if you were to select pens to distribute at a tradeshow alongside your competitors.

The first step is to do your research and learn about your ideal recipient; where they work, what they do, what they hope to gain from engaging with you. Then you'll be able to appreciate what product might be functional for their particular requirements.

promoting your brand

2) Provide a Useful Product

One size doesn't necessarily fit all -- similarly, don't assume that the same branded product given to one audience will suit another. By researching your recipients, you'll come to understand what is important to them and what struggles they may face on an everyday basis. Using this knowledge, you can select a promotional product that best fills their gaps.

For example, if your client has a large sales team on the road, they might benefit from a logo branded power bank to keep their phones charged while travelling.  If you provide a product like this you'll enjoy regular brand exposure in addition to a growing sense of trust -- you know what they need, you've given them something they will use rather than providing something they won't (like a beach towel to a farmer's association).

relationship building

1) Use The Product as a Stepping Stone

Don't just hand out products and assume your marketing is done. Part of what makes promotional products so valuable to businesses is the fact that they assist you in making connections. It might be as simple as distributing a notepad with your company contact details on it so recipients may refer back to it in the future at their leisure, or as complex as using the exchange of goods at a meeting to establish a one-on-one partnership. The key to using branded merchandise well is to use it as one cog in your overall machine


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