Maybe you're not a last-minute kind of person. Perhaps you're the very opposite, an organised person who likes to confirm their event merchandise well in advance. If that sounds like you (or a member of your team) then you'll definitely want to hear about our range of promotional products you can order in advance for Lunar (or Chinese) New Year, 2019!


  1. Order promotions early for Lunar New Year.
  2. Connect culturally and build trust.
  3. Showcase creativity with unique gifts.


lunar new year 2019

Who Recognises Lunar New Year?

As Australia's connections with Asian business and culture continue to deepen, celebrations of events such as Lunar New Year (often referred to as Chinese New Year) are becoming increasingly relevant to Aussies companies and community organisations. Banks and financial institutions often celebrate the new year with traditional red envelopes, which are used for the gifting of money. Community groups or schools might prefer something like a seasonal fortune cookie to grab attention for their cause during the festivities.


Chinese New Year promotional products are best ordered 6-8 weeks in advance because this allows us to offer the best possible pricing on these goods. Our overseas factories will also take some of the new year period off to spend time with their families, which means it's best to get an order in ASAP to ensure it's delivered in time for your own celebrations.

What Kinds of Customised Items Do We Offer?

printed paper fans for chinese new year

Here at Cubic Promote, we offer an assortment of tailored promotional products for Chinese New Year celebrations including popular options such as;

  • Logo Branded New Years' Red Envelopes
  • Custom Printed Paper Fans
  • Promotional Chinese Lanterns
  • Personalised Fortune Cookies
  • and more!


product idea printed lanterns

Absolutely! If you end up getting sidetracked by the Christmas season and don't get your order for CNY custom products in until well into 2019, don't despair -- we have some stocked options that may suit your needs for your last minute purchase. Just pick one of the following products in a colour such as red;

  • Logo Emblazoned Notebooks
  • Logo Decorated Luxury Pens
  • USB Flash Drives in Red or Gold
  • Customised Smartphone Power Banks
  • Red T-Shirts or Polo Shirts With Printing
  • or anything else you can think of!

Chinese New Year Promotion Importance

If you're not already convinced that Chinese New Year promotions are a must-have for your business, consider the following:

  • Chinese New Year is a significant cultural event, with more than 1.5 billion people around the world celebrating the holiday.
  • Many businesses in Australia and around the globe are starting to recognize the importance of Chinese New Year as a time to connect with their customers and demonstrate cultural sensitivity.
  • Chinese New Year is known for spreading good luck and prosperity. By taking part in these celebrations with your customers, you can strengthen your relationships and build trust among your target audience.
  • Chinese New Year is an opportunity to showcase your creativity with a range of promotional products that are unique and memorable.
  • By starting your promotions early, you can ensure that your products are delivered on time and at the best possible prices.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Whether you're a last-minute kind of person or like to be well-organised in advance, it's clear that Chinese New Year promotions are a must-have for your business. With more than 1.5 billion people around the world celebrating the holiday, it's a significant cultural event with opportunities to connect with customers, spread good luck and prosperity, and showcase your creativity with unique gifts. And if you need any assistance or more information, don't hesitate to reach out to the Cubic Promote sales team. Cheers!