We've touched on the topic of creative promotional packaging design before, but we figured with so many unique packaging ideas being produced in 2014 it's certainly a topic worth discussing again. Here are some of our favourite recent promotional packaging designs that manage to combine practicality with bold creativity.

Stylish Custom Printed Packaging

  • These Volksbier can designs forgo the standard canned beer look and opt for packaging that makes the drinks look like glasses of beer. A very need optical illusion that takes advantage of full colour label prints in serious style.

Creative Promotional Packaging Design1b

  • This wine packaging promotes the drink as a two-for-one gift that can be delivered with a smile. Hand it over to your receipt like a regular wine bottle or flip it upside down and present it like a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Definitely a unique approach.

Creative Promotional Packaging Design1d

  • Upon first glance these goodies look like delicious ice creams but in actuality they are goat's milk soaps, each featuring a wooden stick to give them the appearance of a creamy ice cream. Just be sure you don't take a bite!

Creative Promotional Packaging Design1c

  • This Samurai brand alcohol is presented in an extremely creative box and bottle, each presenting a line that suggests the product has been "cut" as if by a samurai sword. The bottle in particular looks as if it has been sliced and diced in only the cleanest, smartest fashion. What a a statement piece.

Creative Promotional Packaging Design1a

  • And finally what would normally be considered a standard bag of salt & vinegar chips is elevated to memorable status thanks to its faux newsprint packaging. Alluding to traditional fish 'n' chips which are served in wrapped up newspaper, these bags feature striking newsprint designs that bring potato chips back to where they started.

Creative Promotional Packaging Design1e

Whether your product is as simple as a bag of chips or as uniquely produced as craft beer, there's no limit to the way creatively styled packaging can assist your brand's committal to memory.

Products first spotted here: http://smashcave.com/design/packaging/creative-packaging-ideas/