If you work in any company or organisation you would know that at the end of the day you would want your product or service to be desirable.  It is quite easy, if your product is desirable then that would mean you can sell your product easily or if you are providing a not for profit service then you would get more positive attention.  The hard part of course though is making your actual product or service desirable in the first place and making people aware of you.

Use Custom Merchandise To Celebrate Sport Victories

Using custom merchandise can help in both creating awareness for your company as well as increasing the desirability of your brand.  To find out how please read on!

Sporting events are powerful mediums which when used properly you can leverage a lot of marketing value out of.  If you are looking at using sport to market your brand name then obvious avenues include sponsorship of the team in question.  Less obvious however is by using custom merchandise by your company to be used to celebrate success and milestones reached.

The thing with using custom merchandise is that you do not need to neccessarily need to target high profile national or global sporting events.  If you are a local company then supporting the local football team will be just as effective for your marketing efforts.

Benefit of Creating Custom Merchandise for Sporting Occassions

1)  Sporting Teams have fans (old and new... ie. bandwagoners) - If you create custom merchandise then you immediately have a product that appeals to these fans and the fact that your company released it will give you immense marketing value.

2)  Limited Edition - By focusing solely on one event then you have all of a sudden created a custom merchandise product that is a limited edition which typically are collected thus giving your company even more long term exposure

3)  History of Success - Using merchandise to celebrate events is nothing new and have been used successfully by companies and organisations for years.  Obvious examples include virtually any Olympic event and the subsequent flow of merchandise.  More recent examples include Miami Heat Championship Basketball team in Amercia who won their championship last week.

My favourite Miami Heat Product is this extravagent high end watch by Hublot.


miami heat watch 1

thumb_miami heat watch

thumb_miami heat watch 2

4)  Social media and traditional media can jump on board any material that you produce and give you free publicity.  If your custom product is extravagent like the Hublot watches for Miami Heat or if your merchandise is purely silly then your chances of additional coverage for your company is higher.  This can still work for you if you are a local small company as there are numerous suberb and region specific publications.

Give it a Try - Sporting Milestones happen Every Month if Not Week

No need to wait for Olympics, we are a sport obsessed nation and anything is worth a celebration from the Socerroos World Cup Campaign to AFL (season is almost over) to any local sporting event.  Do not wait, start getting organised and prepared with your custom merchandise.  They do not need to be $18000 watches like these Hublots and they can be merely celebration stickers or promotional mugs co-branded with your company and the sport event.