If you're struggling to think of an affordable gift for your next promotion then the Cubic Promote team humbly suggests custom branded sunscreen. All Aussies need to protect their skin and having an easily accessible sunscreen tube can make a real difference! Get your organisation or event noticed with a promotional product recipients will use, try sunscreen from Cubic Promote featuring your logo design.

sunscreen for promotions

Why Promotional Sunscreens?

People need sunscreen, it's considered a fairly essential product here in Australia. Because UV damage can occur from sun exposure no matter your skin colour, the promotional sunscreens from Cubic Promote are appropriate for everyone. Available in various sizes and boasting a standard SPF rating of 50+, the sunscreens in our range are high quality and strong enough to guard against the harsh Aussie sun. We even offer Australian Made sunscreen, for those keen on supporting local manufacturing! The Cubic team decorates each sunscreen tube with your custom logo making them ideal for giving to staff, providing to clients, or distributing as part of an event or promotion. Because sunscreen needs to be regularly applied to provide adequate protection your recipient will see your logo often, which will help associate your brand with the functionality and positivity of the sunscreen.

sunscreen branded in tube

Sunscreen Without The Nasties

Here at Cubic Promote we are careful to provide quality merchandise to our clients, which is why only sell sunscreen that meets Australian standards. Our promotional sunscreen is

  • Paraben free
  • PABA free
  • Oil free
  • Oxybenzone/octinoxate free
  • Nanoparticle free
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Hypo-allergenic

So if you're keen on sunscreen that doesn't feel greasy, comes with your branding on the packaging, and features all of the above then you'll definitely want to speak with our friendly customer service team for more information. We have hundreds of thousands of sunscreen tubes locally stocked in Australia, but as we get closer to summer there's always a bit of a rush on sunscreen before the Xmas holidays so be sure to reach out to our team ASAP to secure your own quality sunscreen with a custom logo!