High fashion and quality lattes go hand in hand, but perhaps not in the manner you think. We all love grabbing a quick cuppa while wearing our Guess jeans or carrying our Chanel bag, so one creative latte artist decided to combine fashion and coffee in a single cup.

 Logo Latte Art Chanel

Edible Latte Art Featuring Luxury Brands

It seems a little obvious in retrospect, to combine stylish custom cappuccino cups with exquisite coffee decoration, but Designer Lattes on Instagram have started a proper trend. Their artisan baristas brew exquisite cups off coffee and then top them off with a designer logo. Not only have customers been clamouring for them in real life, but the net has also exploded with love for these luxurious logo coffees on Instagram and beyond.

Logo Latte Art Guess Logo Latte Art Adidas

The appeal lies in how lovingly recreated these brand designs are. It's clear that the barista team have true love and respect for these brands and the image they're hoping to convey. Each Instagram pic featuring the latte art has the brand against a recognisable design that reflects their content. So for Adidas, it's the three white stripes, while Guess is presented on a pair of jeans.

Logo Latte Art YSL Logo Latte Art Gucci

While they're perhaps not as long-lasting as having your logo printed on the outside of some reusable mugs, there's no doubt that using latte art as a way to get your designer fix is nothing short of genius. Not only are people enjoying the great logo presentation, but they're also getting a great coffee to boot. Have you ever seen a unique logo on your coffee? Take a pic and let us know!

Coffee logos first spotted here: http://www.lostateminor.com/2017/08/04/designer-lattes-latest-coffee-trend-sweeping-instagram/