Arguably one of the hardest-hit industries during the Coronavirus outbreak has been local restaurants, cafes, and pubs forced to close up shop or restrict sales to takeaway options only. The foodservice industry employs a considerable number of casual workers, which means the moment stores had to minimise, a lot of staff had their roles reduced too. One of the ways the industry is fighting back, both here and overseas, is through the sale of promotional merchandise that can be purchased through online portals.

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Why Choose Branded Merchandise for Eateries

Obviously, the main way to support a food or beverage business is to purchase delicious meals, snacks, and drinks, but with so much of the country (and the world) currently locked down and unable to trade, as usual, countless eateries are opting to embrace another means of revenue generation: customised clothing and other merchandise. By producing custom branded items advertising their business, restaurants are getting the word out about their brand and often opt to combine this merchandise with sales of their takeaway food or drink.

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Selecting The Right Custom Swag

This trend of selling custom products isn't just local by any stretch of the imagination -- famous eateries and local pubs across the world are taking their branded messages to the fans using swag as means to generate income and survive the current crisis. So how can you do it too? We recommend trying these best-selling products already known to work well for the foodservice industry.

We've also noticed people from takeaway places asking after items like reusable cutlery sets and branded candles, so honestly, if you can think of an item and we can put your logo on it, then it might be worth considering as a way to market your store.

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Making Promotional Items Work For You

Things are tough right now which means it's important that you get your promotional gear working for you. How can you make this happen? Try some of the following tips, of course!

  • Introduce a merchandise section to your website, complete with online purchasing options.
  • Add merchandise to your app to buy like food/drink.
  • Send an email to your mailing list of clients advertising your new swag.
  • Create a special deal that combines your most popular menu option with a t-shirt or cap for an appealing price.
  • Include a voucher for discounted merchandise with every order.
  • Run a contest on Instagram or Facebook for people who send in photos of them with your branded merchandise.

If you need any additional assistance, don't hesitate to contact the Cubic Promote team for personalised ideas and information. There's always a way to make promotional products work for you, regardless of industry or budget -- speak to our experienced sales staff today.


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