June 30th marks the end of the financial year so that means you only have a few more weeks to get your orders in before budgets for the new year begin. If you have remaining budget to spend before the June 30th cut-off date then why not utilise this money to purchase promotional items or office essentials for your organisation from Cubic Promote.

promotional black notebook with strap

Best-Selling Custom Office Merchandise

Products customised with your corporate logo make fantastic investments during EOFY as they can be stored for use throughout the coming months and years, ensuring you always have stock on hand. If you're already planning for the rest of 2021 then this is also the perfect opportunity to order custom swag for any events or conferences you might be having soon.


If you're not sure whether or not you need EOFY merchandise, check out our blog that further elaborates on why companies choose to buy custom merch during EOFY. Cubic Promote's customer service team is well versed providing corporate branded essentials and can help guide you to finding the right products to meet your annual needs.

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Top Picks for Australian Businesses

If you're unsure of where to start with customised bulk items for your time-limited budget, why not start with our June best-sellers? These are products that hundreds of Aussie businesses and events purchase around this time every year and have broad usage possibilities.

  • Logo Branded Notebooks: These are an essential item in most Aussie offices, so why not grab them now with your remaining 2020-2021 budget? So many branding options and colours are available that they'll suit almost any business.
  • Promotional Metal Pens: June is when a lot of Australian companies stock up on their logo-decorated pens for the year. Metal pens are long-lasting, stylish options for any professional business to utilise.
  • Eco-Friendly Custom Gifts: A lot of businesses are looking for products with a low environmental impact and our eco-friendly range includes lots of items that are recyclable, made from recycled material, or made using sustainable resources. If you've been considering eco gifts, now is the perfect time to give them a try.
  • Customised Sticky Notes: Adhesive notes make a great addition to workplace stationery cupboards as they're extremely handy, cheap to buy, and really help lift your brand visibility. Speak to our team about locally produced options for those wanting to invest in Australian products.
  • Logo Printed Tote Bags: Whether you run a supermarket, fashion store, musical festival, or business conference you can make use of quality logo-printed tote bags. Calico bags are a good eco choice but non-woven bags are also popular this time of year.

If none of the above jump out at you then speak to our customer care team for information on premium corporate gifts like authentic Parker pens with your logo decoration. Trust us when we say that even if an item isn't listed on our website, we can probably work with you to secure the item for you and provide an invoice ASAP. If you're after promotional products then Cubic Promote is the reliable choice for quality merchandise delivered to Australian businesses.


Essential tax-time promotional products have left a lasting impact on the world of marketing and customer relations. By providing clients with practical, stress-relieving items during a challenging season, businesses can strengthen their relationships, boost brand visibility, and set themselves apart from the competition.


As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing and customer engagement, the enduring success of tax-time promotional products serves as a testament to the power of targeted, thoughtful strategies that prioritize the needs and experiences of customers.