In light of the dramatic escalation of COVID-19 cases in Victoria, the Cubic Promote team has decided to start stocking two affordable fever screening camera devices in addition to promotional PPE items to help Aussies implement thermal body temperature scans in workplaces and public spaces around the country. Since implementing fever screening in our workplace we've dodged two cases of the flu, which could have heavily impacted our staff during this difficult time. For others struggling to protect their business and team, temperature-scanning cameras may be a smart option for your organisation too.


  1. Implement fever screening for workplaces.
  2. Choose the right camera device.
  3. Complement with other safety measures.


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What is a Body Temperature Screening Camera?

Body temperature screening cameras is a premium thermal imaging device that can scan an individual person's body temperature from their forehead and assess whether or not this temperature falls within an acceptable range.


If a body temperature scans as being too high, the person likely has a fever of some type which may be indicative of infectious illnesses such as COVID-19, the flu, and a variety of bacterial bugs. Using a fever screening device allows you to filter out people who present as feverish to protect your team and clients from possible infection.

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Why You Should Consider Buying These Devices

Time off with sick leave costs businesses in Australia millions of dollars in lost productivity every year -- and that doesn't even take into account having depleted team members who come to work feeling unwell and working at a slow pace. Not only can fever screening cameras help avoid the spread of illness within your workspace by ensuring those who are unwell head home, but they may also be useful in detecting fever symptoms from seasonal influenza and the current outbreak of Coronavirus.


These devices are a long-term investment that can help your organisation take control back from workplace illnesses. It may also be applied in schools, universities, transport hubs, and public spaces as required.

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Fever Screening: Workplace Implementation

To ensure that businesses implement fever screening cameras effectively, here are some important tips:

  • Choose the right camera: Select the appropriate fever screening camera device for your business's size and requirements.
  • Train employees: Educate employees on how to use the device and distribute clear guidelines for screening procedures.
  • Pair with other measures: Fever screening cameras should be used as a complementary measure with other health and safety protocols such as physical distancing and wearing of face masks.
  • Keep up with the technology: With new technologies emerging, businesses must keep updating their fever screening cameras to ensure they remain effective.


In conclusion, fever screening cameras from Cubic Promote offer a practical solution for businesses and public spaces to implement thermal body temperature scans and protect against the spread of illnesses like COVID-19 and the flu. By investing in these devices, you can detect potential fever symptoms and ensure that unwell individuals are sent home, preventing the loss of productivity and safeguarding the health of your team and clients. With different camera options available, you can choose the one that suits your business needs. Remember to train your employees, pair fever screening cameras with other safety measures, and stay updated with the latest technology for optimal effectiveness. Take control of workplace illnesses and prioritize the wellbeing of those around you. Chat with Cubic Promote's sales team to find the right device for you.


What Thermal Solutions Does Cubic Promote Offer?

Cubic Promote currently has advanced Dahua thermal imaging cameras and budget desktop fever screening devices available to purchase. One is ideal for busy businesses or public areas as it can scan 15 people at a time, and the other is ideal for smaller businesses or shop fronts where people can be scanned one at a time.


Learn more about the devices online, or contact our friendly sales team for more information including pricing, videos, and free demonstrations. Trust us when we say these powerful pieces of technology can make a real difference when it comes to protecting the people around you. Chat with us to find out more about which device may be right for your budget and industry.