It's time to celebrate everything that makes beer wonderful! Today (August 3rd) is International Beer Day, which is a date marked on calendars all over the world. Why? Because it's a day all about drinking beer and being merry. So what sorts of activities can we expect on International Beer Day? Check out our list of fun ideas to keep you and your friends occupied (assuming you're all adults of drinking age, of course).


  1. Personalise your beer experience.
  2. Try new local brews.
  3. Incorporate promotional beer products.

International Beer Day Celebration Ideas

How to Celebrate Beer Day

So you and your (aged 18 and over) buddies are looking for a way to get into the fun Beer Day action? We've got some great suggestions to take on board!

  • If you're an Australian, then you absolutely need to get yourself a personalised stubby cooler. Whether you're at a BBQ or just hanging around at home, you need an item that keeps your bottle of beer chilled while also letting people know it's 100% yours! This is a great way to do it and super cost effective too!

  • Try a new local brew! When you head to the pub, don't just grab whatever is on tap, ask the bar staff to recommend you the latest local addition to their range. This is a great way to try something different and to support local craft breweries.

  • Not into heading to the pub? Why not have a few responsible bevvies at home. Just grab your custom bottle opener and a couple of branded coasters, and you'll be set for an evening of Netflix and beer.

  • If you're looking to just sit outdoors, why not mix some soft drink with your beer to create an afternoon shandy? A great way to refresh yourself after a long day at work!

  • Sitting at home not your thing? Why don't you organise a brewery tour or pub crawl among your group of friends? Get out there and enjoy the tasting experience while learning more about the production process and/or local area.

  • If you haven't already, invest in some good glassware to hold your drinks and always ensure they're kept clean. Hand wash where you need to to remove stubborn foam stains. A fresh beer tastes better in a clean glass!

Promotional Beer Products

Are you in search of promotional beer products that will make your marketing campaigns a success? Look no further! Here are some popular choices to consider:

  • Custom Beer Can Coolers: Design cool and practical custom beer can coolers featuring your logo or message. These can be distributed at outdoor events, music festivals, or as part of a special promotion. Custom beer can coolers keep drinks cold and provide a great marketing opportunity for your brand.

  • Personalised Bottle Openers: Create personalised bottle openers with your company logo. These can be given as corporate gifts, customer appreciation giveaways, or included in promotional packages. Personalised bottle openers are durable, long-lasting items that recipients will use and appreciate.

  • Branded Beer Mats: Print your company logo or promotional message on branded beer mats. These can be distributed to bars, pubs, and restaurants to increase brand visibility. Branded beer mats provide a captive audience for your marketing message, as people spend time enjoying their drinks.

  • Custom Beer Glasses: Develop custom beer glasses featuring your logo or a unique design. These can be used at company events, trade shows, or given as gifts to loyal customers. Custom beer glasses are not only functional but also serve as a constant reminder of your brand.

  • Beer Coasters: Create branded beer coasters with engaging designs and your company logo. Distribute them to bars, restaurants, and breweries to use on their tables. Branded beer coasters offer a fantastic opportunity to increase brand visibility in beer-focused establishments while providing a practical item for customers.

Remember, incorporating promotional products into your beer-related marketing efforts can amplify your brand reach and create a memorable experience for your target audience. Choose promotional items that align with your brand and the interests of beer enthusiasts!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, International Beer Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the many facets of beer. Whether you're participating in personalised drinking experiences, organising brewery tours, or exploring promotional products related to beer and branding, there are plenty of exciting ways to immerse yourself in the beer culture. So raise a glass, have a great time, and don't forget to drink responsibly! Cheers to International Beer Day!

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