Funny animals are taking over the world. It seems that everywhere you look nowadays there is some form of funny animal compilation making you laugh. From YouTube videos to whole television channels dedicated to our furry friends, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

At Cubic Promote we LOVE animals. Whether it’s an actual living, breathing cat, an animal shaped stress toy or even a fun animal pen, we just can’t get enough.

Hilarious Ideas for Branding Your Items

Recently Monika, a US based artist that is obsessed with Pun’s has released some insanely punny (pun/ funny) animal illustrations. They are certain to brighten up your day and are great ideas for branding if you want to make people laugh!

Animals and puns… what a purrfect combination, see below!

1. The Investigator

funny alligator

2.The Pouch Potato

funy kangaroo

3. soFISHticated

funny fish

4.  The Gummy Bear

funny bear


5. The Crookodile

funny crocodile


6. Hoodini

funny owl

7. Ground Beef

 funny cow

8. Labracadabrador

funny labrador

9. Steak 

funny steak

10. Commentator (Okay, I know potatoes aren't an animal but just go with it)

funny potato


And some bonus ones for our extraterrestrial friends :)

11. How do you organise a space party?

funny planet

12. How do you put a baby alien to sleep?

funny alien


By Caitlin Wood

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