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Hilarious Custom Branded Cups

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Tea and coffee cups are the kinds of promotional drinkware most of us use every day of the week. Because we drink our favourite beverages so often, the majority of us like to have a unique or special mug to call our own be it in the office or at home. One business has taken personal branding on cups to a whole new (hilariously insulting) level.

printed tea cups poison

Personalised Promotional Tea Cups

Miss Havisham's Curiosities saw a gap in the market for beautiful promotional coffee cups and added their own personal, insulting touch to tea of the cups in their range to help them stand out. Each of the matching cup and saucer sets comes personalised with a printed insult on the lip of the cup that is revealed as you sip your tea or coffee.

printed tea cups settle printed tea cups no one likes you

The insults range from the blunt ("No one likes you.") to the crude ("Kindly ____ off.") with each one appealing in its way. While the brand encourages shoppers to buy them as gifts for others, we can see the appeal of buying a few for yourself to share when guests come by for an unexpected visit.

printed tea cups stop talking  printed tea cups choke

Quality printing on these kinds of cups involves a careful decoration and firing process to ensure the print is both clear and permanent. Because so much care goes into each customised cup, you can see why fans of unique personalised products are lining up to get their own crass tea cup.

Cups first spotted here: (beware bad language!)

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